Berlin Wall: I immigrated to anti-communist South Africa but now…

Watching the excellent CNN coverage yesterday of the 25th anniversary of the breaking down of the Berlin Wall takes me back to 1964 when I was on my way to a new country South Africa from Canada with my South African husband and my son, born in Canada in 1961.

On our way we travelled to Berlin and crossed Checkpoint Charlie to have a look at our first “communist” country. We walked down Unter den Linden street, an avenue of bleakness and despondency. Everything looked grey, even the people. We couldn’t wait to get back to  vibrant West Berlin.

I said to my husband thank Heavens we’re going to a country which has so vehemently rejected Communism. En kyk hoe lyk ons nou!

Our current regime’s cabinet is replete with communists (either overt or still in the closet). True to type, they have purloined the capitalist’s goodies for themselves and left their followers with promises, as did the communists of the greater Soviet Union.

Everybody derided the old National Party for its anti-communism (there’s one under very bed!) but communism in the flesh was no party! Ironically and not surprisingly, none of the so-called communists in our government lived under communism as opposed to living with communists. Most of them were guests of the ruling cliques (who calculated there might be something in it for them in the long run!) but they never suffered as did those hapless souls who for example tried to scale the Berlin Wall and lost their lives in doing so. I wonder how many of our apparatchiks watched the ceremonies yesterday and saw the photos of those who died for a taste of freedom.

These troglodytes of the SACP are a bunch of phonies, driving their BMW’s and pontificating about “the people” while quietly pillaging the country for themselves. And all in the name of democracy, nogal! What a travesty!

– Gaye Derby-Lewis