The devious behaviour of the liberal mind

Another perfect example of the devious behaviour of the liberal mind.

For more than a hundred years the Swiss town of St Gallen carried the name of Krügerstrasse (Kruger Street), but because President Paul Kruger was evidently a “white racist”, the name had to change.

The Tagblatt actually went so far as to state that Paul Kruger was an “Apartheid pioneer”. It’s easy to make these outrages statements when the person has been dead for more than a hundred years. Who’s going to sue them?

Paul Kruger was the consumate anti-colonialist. He was also a brilliant military strategist against British marauders. He was loved by most black tribes in Southern Africa for these qualities, but Switzerland clearly does not care for historical fact.

From Reuters:

A street in the Swiss town of St Gallen, which for more than a hundred years bore the name of former South African president Paul Kruger, was renamed by local authorities yesterday.

Theo Buff, from the town’s planning department, said the name was being changed “because of racist associations”.

Kruger, who led the Boer resistance against the British during in the Second Boer War of 1899 to 1902, lived in St Gallen after fleeing Africa when the British advanced on Pretoria.

“In the context of the time, naming a street after Paul Kruger can be understood,” the St Gallen council said, “but today it can no longer be justified.”

The street will now be called Duerrenmatt Street, after Swiss author and dramatist Friedrich Duerrenmatt.