ANCYL calls off Hofmeyr protest

Following a dubious campaign to brand Steve Hofmeyr as a “racist” and prohibiting him from performing at the Afrikaans is Groot music concert at the Ned Geref Kerk in Moreleta Park, his enemies have retreated.

The ANC Youth League Greater Tshwane region has postponed its planned action after the city turned down its application to stage a protest at the venue, as the application was not submitted within the prescribed seven working days.

The youth league had called on Afrikaners to reject and isolate the popular musician, saying he was spreading “racism”.

Hofmeyr has been in the spotlight following a tweet that reminded some of a shared racial past: “Sorry to offend but in my books blacks were the architects of apartheid. Go figure.” The popular singer was then accused of being “racist” for stating the obvious.

Almost 60% of blacks voted for homelands during apartheid, before the ANC launched a terror campaign funded from Sweden and Britain to overthrow the government and marginalise whites.

Ironically there are currently two homeland leaders in the regime’s parliament representing homeland constituencies, but it seems that some would rather not have such matters out in the open, hence the attacks on Hofmeyr.

The youth league’s branch spokesperson Justin de Swardt, the only white member, meanwhile branded all Afrikaners as “racists”.

He said it would have been counter-productive to nation-building if there was a physical confrontation between ANC members and the “racists”, a synonym for Afrikaners, if the protest action was held unlawfully.

De Swardt continued his ignorant and malicious verbal attacks against Hofmeyr: “It is extremely abnormal for a public figure to be making statements such as those in the democratic era,” he said. “To say blacks were the architects of apartheid is not only ignorant but highly insensitive.”

Hofmeyr is performing at the concert series which ends this weekend before moving to Cape Town.

After the youth league signalled its intention to protest, the Rubenstein Group – residents of nearby Rubenstein Avenue – indicated it would challenge the matter in court should the application be approved.

The black youth league planned to molest 7 000 white people at the concert venue, to stop the “racists”, a sure formula for disaster.

Afrikaans is Groot spokesman Barnard Beukman welcomed the situation where patrons could attend the gigs in a relaxed atmosphere.