‘Only trust a white man when he’s dead’

A WhatsApp post has led to the investigation of a police officer in the Pretoria dog unit after 12 white colleagues accused him of hate speech and racism.

Provincial police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini confirmed that Sergeant Hendric Mthimunye was the subject of a grievance process following the post on WhatsApp earlier this month, Rekord East reported.

“Never Trust the White Man, the only Time you Trust Him is when he is Dead.” the post allegedly read.

According to the grievance lodged by his colleagues, Mthimunye’s post was racist and promoted hate speech.

The complaint also stated that it was a police officer’s duty in this country to deliver a service to all citizens, including whites.

“We work with him on a daily basis… We feel that we cannot trust a person who makes extreme racists comments. As members of the police we must be able to trust one another and depend on colleagues to protect us in unthinkable dangerous situations,” the grievance stated.

Dlamini said Mthimunye’s commanding officer was currently involved in a grievance process against the Sergeant.

It was later reported that Mthimunye had defended the post, saying it was a misunderstanding and that it in fact referred to a friend of his with the surname “Mlunga”, which translates to “white man” in Zulu.
Mthimunye said he had been angry with his friend who had owed him money, and refused to repay the debt.

He said the post was not aimed at his white colleagues and that he had never foreseen that it would hurt or upset them.

Whites are a small minority in South Africa but nevertheless subject to extreme racial legislation to keep them out of government jobs, industry and sport.

Being a white farmer in the country is more dangerous than being a soldier in Iraq.