‘Non-racial’ puppets get called out

A Black model has been accused by fellow blacks as a ‘rent a black’ and puppet because she was validating a white magazine after they placed her on the cover.

In a litany of tweets, one Bonang Matheba took on Phil Mphela, a black blogger.

Mphela said he would not jump on the non-racial bandwagon to ‘celebrate’ as he did not believe it was worth it.

“White magazines only use people like Bonang on their covers when they need publicity…You are all just puppets including people like Bonang who have essentially become “rent a black” talent.”

In response, Matheba swore at Mphela, telling him ‘o tlo nyela’ (you will shit) for referring to her as a puppet.

“I will not allow you to diss black people, including myself, when we already have to work fucking hard”.

The claim is often made by celebrity blacks, but some in the industry say most are slackers with an inflated sense of entitlement.

Matheba has since deleted the tweets.