Daily Show host targets Indians in vain

Comedian John Oliver’s efforts to take down India’s newly elected prime minister, Narendra Modi, has come to naught.

Time magazine in its annual TIME’s Person of the Year 2014 survey has just come up with Narendra Modi as the winner.

Oliver, much tweeted and adored by Cultural Marxists and Boerhaters in South Africa after his efforts to smear Afrikaners as all being white racists and thus deserving of ethnic cleansing, did not hesitate to indulge in a racist diatribe against Indians.

The rising tide of farm killings targeting white Afrikaners, and noted by organisations such as Genocide Watch, must have worried British-born Oliver enough to warrant a whole show justifying the killing spree.

The Prime Minister of India is currently toppling the 2013’s top contestant, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian President, despite Oliver’s best try to make Modi and all Indians look ridiculous.

After Modi quoted the famous Star Wars line, “May the force be with you,” in his speech in Central Park, with Wolverine (aka Hugh Jackman) by his side, Americans were smitten.

Modi had been banned from entering the US in 2005, for purportedly failing to intervene as chief minister of Gujarat state during 2002 riots in which Hindu mobs attacked minority Muslims.

According to the International Religious Freedom Act, which the US Congress passed in 1998, “foreign officials responsible for “severe violations of religious freedom” aren’t eligible for visas. Indian courts have since cleared Hindu-nationalist Modi of wrongdoing.

A recent survey by the National Council of Applied Economic Research and the University of Maryland, United States, spanning 42,000 households has found that 25% of Indians practiced caste untouchability in some form. This, despite the Constitution having banned the practice 64 years ago.

By caste-groups, Brahmins topped the list with 27% admitting to it, followed by non-Brahmin forward castes (25%) followed by other backward classes (33%).

By religions, Hindus were the biggest believers in the system (30%). The findings also found that the practice was most common in the Hindi heartland of the country, with more than 45% of the respondents from Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Bihar owning up to the practice.