Emphasis on affirmative action must shift to education

The Freedom Front has in reaction to research undertaken by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), which indicates that there is a correlation between the employment of an individual and the individual’s level of education, regardless of race, that there are an increasing amount of proof that affirmative action’s time has been served. According to the SAIRR research, 41% of black people have a degree and 36% of these people are employed in professional positions. Similarly, there were 45% white people with degrees and 42% of them are in professional positions. According to Adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus parliamentary spokesperson in Labour, the research indicates that race no longer plays a role on a professional level and that the labour market offers opportunities to graduates, regardless of their race. That means that the emphasis has to shift away from affirmative action and should rather be placed on proper training. “In addition, South Africa has a serious shortage of skilled labour and it would be to the government’s advantage to rather fix the problems with the education system so that quality education can take place. The mere continued implementation of affirmative action on the other hand, denies the country effectiveness and optimal functioning of the economy. That is why the FF Plus will continue to oppose affirmative action,” Alberts explained.

“The rationale of affirmative action is busy falling away and any continued implementation will make it objectionable on the basis of the implementation of an irrational policy which is merely being maintained for the easy advantages which it disperses on the basis of race to a segment of the population. The ANC government should not be surprised if the policy in its entirety is eventually challenged in the Constitutional Court,” Alberts warned.