• FR2P

    LoL! Zapped by his own crap!

  • P.W.B

    Well done to Dr Roodt & Steve.

  • J.j

    That was funnier than zapiro and zumadollboy’s entire “careers” #getrealjobslosers.
    VVVV –En hier het ons Pine (Aka Johan) Pienaar, maaitjie van Papenfus.

    • FR2P

      South Park? The failed bomb that was placed near the New York headquarters of South Park’s owners, Viacom, by “angry Islamists”… sure. Viacom also owns Daily Show. So the libturds are still planting bombs and sowing terror and blaming others?

      • Guest

        Viacom and their sexually mutilated friends have moved on from failed bombs. ISIS is now part of their terror campaign, http://praag.org/?p=17073. Trotskyites operate on an international level. Their beheadings are less gruesome than burning dissenters alive or necklacing as was done in SA “to end apartheid”, but it’s the same formula. No wonder the mutilated are worried about blacks speaking up against terror. Steve’s tweet must have really spooked them.

  • Rutger

    Hahaha. Koch was too chicken to show his face in court! It had to trial-by-media

  • Craig

    Notice how this colostomy bag who calls himself a puppet and Zapedo stick together with Media24

  • daarkomdiealibaba

    Is he jewish?

    • Guest

      What we call “Judaism” today is basically the continuation of one of the many Jewish sects which existed at the time of Christ: the famous sect of the Pharisees. Specifically, it is the continuation of that part of the sect of the Pharisees which did not accept Christ (others did, Saint Paul was a Pharsisee and so what is immensely famous teacher, Saint Gamaliel the Elder). One of the unique features of the Pharisees was that they met in “assemblies” to read the Scripture and worship. The word “assembly” in Greek (which was the lingua franca of the time)is συναγωγή “sinagoge” – or “synagogue” in modern English. When the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Legions of the Roman Emperor Titus in 70AD the Pharisees were the only ones that had a ready structure which could be used in the absence of the Temple, the synagogue.

  • VdM

    What is a ‘libellous Trotskyite’?

    • Guest

      Leon Trotsky believed mass terror was a necessary weapon in the class struggle. In his book “Defence of Terrorism” (Terrorism and Communism, 1920) Trotsky emphasized that “Red Terror is a weapon used against a class that, despite being doomed to destruction, does not want to perish…The damaging of machines by workers, for example, is terrorism in this strict sense of the word. The killing of an employer, a threat to set fire to a factory or a death threat to its owner, an assassination attempt, with revolver in hand, against a government minister—all these are terrorist acts in the full and authentic sense”. Trotsky called on an international terror campaign to wipe out all his “class” enemies. Terrorism, which begins with the abolition of every form of freedom of the press, and ends in a system of wholesale execution is the hallmark of Trotskyism. So is killing white productive land owners as is happening in SA. The Cultural Marxists in South Africa adhere to this ideology. Koch launched their wider smear campaign when Steve sang Die Stem.

    • FR2P

      It’s an white terrorist that orders and directs farm murders

  • Theuns

    Has anybody read this? Wednesday, 12 November 2014
    Dear Mr. #SteveHofmeyr, have I ever told you the story of the Bee?