White liberals are just racists

It is typical of the so-called white “liberals” in South Africa to pretend they “understand” white privilege, when in fact they strive to maintain it.

They always sugar coat the truth and feel uneasy when the black victims of apartheid start to tell it like it is.

When this happens, they use their money to sponsor conferences on “Social Cohesion” and studies on “National Reconciliation”, the objective being to continue to suffocate the voices of those who are still left out of the system.

White people in SA today are the beneficiaries of apartheid and the “white privileges” they enjoy today are as a result of apartheid.

The irritating thing about this is when they want to preserve these ill-gotten white privileges by opposing the redress measures aimed at the current imbalances caused by apartheid, and labeling them “racist”.

To me as a black person, those who still sponsor organisations like the The SA Institute of Race Relations,the Helen Suzman Foundation,the FW De Klerk Foundation and the Free Market Foundation, are no different to Pick and Pay and Land Rover sponsoring Hofmeyer.

These organisations still fight in a sophisticated manner to preserve their ill-gotten privileges.

The outcomes are the same, with some trying to package the same claptrap better.

S. Moloko