Diatribe on white privilege is racist

The idea of white privilege is so simplistic it’s frightening. Ignoring the past for a moment, let me share some viewpoints on the present.

With the distortions created through BEE, white males sit right at the very bottom of the food chain. Nature as is its wont, responds to anomalies.

I see white kids striving, trying harder and embarking on risky entrepreneurial ventures (and succeeding) in that would have appalled their fathers.

I see talented black kids being shoe-horned into positions for which they are ill-qualified or too inexperienced for, as institutions battle to meet targets.

These same white kids are prepared to work for a pittance or nothing at all to get experience whilst banks and the like bid up the cost of black graduates.

As the these black grads gain experience, so does their value and the bidding cycle persists, resulting in ultimately self-defeating job hopping.

Perversely, like all evolutionary pressures, adversity in an uneven landscape is forcing white kids to be more industrious and resourceful, whilst young black talent is being wasted in a world where real economic value and remuneration has gone cuckoo.

I know of so many dynamic (white) start-ups where business owners complain that they cannot afford black grads because they are being vacuumed up by not so dynamic big firms.

Where blacks are brought in, it is as shareholders not actually adding any value but rather perverse legitimacy.

So many people are used to being parasites that they have forgotten that the host eventually dies when it gives too much.

Please reflect on how much white South Africans have actually contributed to this economy for very little in return over the last 20 years.

Africans should focus on getting productive and creating wealth, not taking it away. Diatribes about white privilege are unequivocally racist.

Alisdair Sinclair