Changing Russia from within

The Russian Ministry of Justice discovered another foreign agent.

And this time it is not a human rights organization or a union of observers, but an entire school for training of human resources for the State Department.

For several years an organization called “Moscow School of Civic Education” operated in Russia’s capital. It was in the business of literally preaching American multicultural ideology and values.

Practically a sect, undermining the foundations of the country from the inside. Last year alone, the school held nearly 30 events with an audience of over 2,000 people. In the framework of the country it is not much, but all these 2000 people were prepared as professional specialists – organizers and instigators of protest and decent.

On the list of donors of Moscow School of Civic Education in 2013 there are 17 foreign organizations and foundations. Among them, the governments of five European countries, four of them – members of NATO. And of course funding from USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and IRI (International Republican Institute – American non-profit organization, whose director is the odious senator from Arizona John McCain).

The people behind the funding do not hide that they create this kind of training centers around the world. For example, the most recent example, the branch of the school operated in Georgia – we all remember what happened there. Finally this type of school operated in Ukraine, and during the Maidan its curators personally traveled to Kiev to visit their “disciples”: in particular, the assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who is remembered for handing out cookies on Maidan.

The work at the school went on on all fronts. Ideological brainwashing, with help of foreign lecturers, and through the works of Russian opposition. The school had its own publishing house. In the series “The Library of MSGP” were published such books as: “The Fourth Republic” and “Granted Democracy” by Vladimir Ryzhkov; “The Lost Decade” by Vladislav Inozemtsev – the main idea of the book is the study of the hypothesis about the “uselessness” of the first decade of the XXI century for Russia and the world; “Russian Youth”, written by the staff of the Levada Center – Lev Gudkov and Natalya Zorkaya.

In addition, the school, like “Azazel” by Akunin, tried to integrate its successful graduates into the structures of the government, so that they could change the policies of the country from the inside in accordance to the ideology of the school. Among the people in power related to the school, for example, is the former Governor of Volgograd region Sergey Bozhenov, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region’s Government Mikhail Kuznetsov and recently stepped down as Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Moscow Region Andrey Ilnitsky, Chairman of the faction “Georgian Dream – Republicans”, one of the most active organizers of the “rose revolution” in Tbilisi, David Berdzenishvili, and many others.

Finally, a large group of graduates are members of the media, both federal and, especially, regional, where the primary focus is today. Who even knows how many of these sects are open across the country.

Source: VKontakte