One white farmer killed every second day in SA

The killing-spree against white farmers continues unabated.

Two black men were arrested for the murder of an elderly white woman at Erfbloem farm near Theunissen, Free State police said on Tuesday.

The two blacks, aged 21 and 22, were accused of killing an Afrikaner woman Martie Bester, 68, whose body was found inside a burnt house on the farm, said Captain Harry Nagel.

“Police recovered three of the stolen firearms as well as ammunition, a computer, jewellery, compact discs and clothing.”

Bester’s Toyota Hilux was found burnt on the farm.

The pair would appear in the Theunissen Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

On Monday, too, another two black suspects were arrested for the murder of an elderly white couple on Kwaagakraal farm near Bainsvlei, Bloemfontein.

The bodies of the couple, aged 70 and 72, were dumped near the farm at Waaikraal, Nagel said at the time.

“The couple had been shot and killed during a robbery in which a television set, firearms and vehicle were taken.”

Nagel said they arrested the two blacks, aged 20 and 25, after receiving a tip-off about a suspicious vehicle in the area. The pair then showed the police where the bodies were.

A third black suspect, aged 19, was later arrested at Kelly’s View. He was in possession of a stolen television set and firearm.

The three would appear in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Seven whites have been killed on farms by blacks since the beginning of the year, which means one murder almost every second day.

Three whites were killed in the past 48 hours on farms in the Free State province alone.

President Jacob Zuma recently warned white farmers about “living conditions” of black farm workers, but agricultural unions say the claims are unfounded.

Worryingly, the president who entertains his audience with singing “Kill a Boer, kill a farmer” and “Bring me my machine gun”, has remained silent on the scourge.