Dutch soldier loses job due to relationship with Turk

A Dutch woman who was a corporal in the Dutch army named Yvette is about to lose her job due to her relationship with a Turk, Mehmet.

“I could not believe I got into trouble because I was in love,” Yvette said.

She met Mehmet, who worked as a bartender in the western tourist town of Bodrum, in early 2012 and first thought that it was a summer romance, but later it turned into a relationship when Mehmet visited the Netherlands and both decided to continue the relationship there.

In December 2013, Yvette received a letter from the Dutch Defense Ministry saying that her job was at stake due to her relationship with a foreigner.

Since the Dutch Military Intelligence Service has no working relation with the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the Netherlands was not able to look into Mehmet’s background.

According to Dutch laws, those who serve in the military are only allowed to have relationships with citizens from countries that share intelligence and data with the Netherlands. Reportedly, only because there is no intelligence sharing between the Netherlands and Turkey, Mehmet was found risky. With this safety policy enacted in 2013, the Dutch government aimed to end spying activities.

It is reported that the woman is supported by her co-workers in the military and there are nearly 20 soldiers in the Dutch military who face the risk of losing their jobs due to having relationships with people from other countries that do not share intelligence with the Netherlands. What makes Yvette and Mehmet’s relationship so eye-catching for the international media is that Mehmet is from a NATO ally country, not from other countries that are seen as “critical.”

Even the supreme chief of the Netherlands Defense Staff reportedly found the situation “incomprehensible” and showed support for Yvette so she could continue to work during the proceedings. Yvette’s lawyer Michale Ruperti said: “We exchange information with Turkey on criminals and extremists. But in this case, the Netherlands said, ‘We do not trust the intelligence of a partner.’ ”

Yvette, who has been serving in the military for 13 years and has been sent to Afghanistan twice, expressed her sadness for being pushed to make a choice between two things that she loves, her partner and her job.

Source: Daily Sabah