The decline of Sweden

In a recent article it was predicted that Sweden, one of the world’s most progressive nations, will end up impoverished and third world by the year 2030. That is only fifteen years from now. The United Nations Human Development Index has corroborated this decline, stating that the land of Volvo, Knäckebröd and Selma Lagerlöf will end up lower on the list than Bulgaria and Cuba in due time. On the contrary, its Nordic neighbours, Norway and Finland are still going strong.

Because of Sweden’s unique position in the world, with its praised lavish welfare system, envied by many European nations (until recently though), this decline merits concern as to where the rest of the world will be, perhaps not in say fifteen years from now, but a bit further down the line. By being too progressive, it appears that retrogression becomes the necessary consequence.

Many conservative opinion makers have been quick to point out the devastating effect of multiculturalism that has racked this part of the world, and without a doubt, that is the most succinct contributor to the stalemate this nation has now reached. However, a greater danger lies in a more hidden corner of Swedish society.

Regardless of the fact that this nation boasts a luxury automobile industry, builds exclusive cameras and has ownership of mega-stores selling cupboards and beds, the Swedish people in a real sense lack individualism, freedom of speech and a true democratic spirit. The average Swede is rude and narrow-minded, their development stunted by their impossible yearning for equality. This makes them the perfect candidates for the various social experiments that the country is known for. Individualism has never truly set in and the Swedes therefore lack a well-developed sense of right and wrong. Such could be seen how the Nobel Committee unabashedly showered South African terrorists with Nobel Peace Prizes while the same organisation funded eugenics at home. The Karolinska Institute sterilised as many as 63 000 of its own citizens for fear of contaminating the purity of the Swedish race, while in the same period they aimed to destroy the white South African. Thus, in a strict sense, Sweden is amoral.

This hypocrisy has to do with the fact that the Swedes have — historically speaking — always been subjected to elitism and did not have the necessary checks in place to stave off acts of despotism. Whereas other European nations looked westward and had a history of feudalism and clashing aristocracies that protected them from staunch totalitarianism, the western European nations gradually started granting rights to the peasantry, the Magna Charta being a case in point. On the other hand, Sweden looked eastward towards Russia, lacked feudalism, shunned rights for the common people and could easily be coaxed into a centralised state. Few, if any rights were granted to the lower classes and the entire religious and political life in Sweden today have arisen from one leitmotif, ie. total centralised power. Even the Lutheran church — that one last beacon of spiritual freedom — was used as an instrument of political control by the authorities in much the same way the Roman church had done before the Reformation.

Modern Sweden may have all the external trappings of a democracy, but this is only at face value. This modernisation drive happened only fairly recently compared to other European nations, and the Social Democrats had the expediency of calling these modern developments “ours”. Because of this, they have held onto their position all throughout, having only been defeated once or twice by an “opposition” party for a short while. The modernisation drive was not a result of looking inward, but rather a reaction to outward circumstances, an astute way of keeping up with the Germans.

Given the Swedish penchant for equality, the strict Lutheran teaching and the secularisation that took place in the latter half of the twentieth century, Marxist and socialist teachings were facilitated with tremendous ease. Ideals of universal freedom in equality became the norm and was held in high esteem by the intellectual and political classes. Especially after the sexual revolution swept across the West in the 1960s and 1970s, the broad concept of “freedom” became redefined in terms of sexual emancipation. In fact even Swedish journalists stationed in foreign nations were quick to call on Sweden’s “enlightened and free” society by referring to the lack of sexual liberation elsewhere, apparently oblivious to the fact that their home country had only managed to exchange one form of political control for another. Where sexual abstinence was used as a means of controlling society before, the secularisation drive took to the other extreme of sexualising society for the sake of social control. By doing so, the elite attempted to lull the populace into a state of docility by drawing attention to their lower freedoms and away from cultivating good morals, spirituality, and wisdom, their higher freedoms.

Needless to say, such diversions only served to create a nation of infants and helped further to advance the state’s authority over them. In this sense, Sweden has become a quintessential Huxleyan Brave New World, a warning first uttered by author Roland Huntford in his work The New Totalitarians, a critique of the Swedish welfare state.

However, even the Swedish elite has now much to answer for. The current situation has reached a turning point and the ideals that were indoctrinated over the years have either come to naught or turned against them. Such could be seen how their ideological love child – black South Africans – over there are stirring the national pot. Quite recently, a South African born Muslim rapper, currently residing in Sweden produced a rap video blatantly uttering how “We wogs will exterminate you all” and “Come here Swedish girls, I will stick a knife in your pussy; All Swedes you will DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE”. This was uploaded on youtube under the name Ikasaify2. As far as I know, the Swedish authorities haven’t dealt with this person yet.

In another incident an immigrant from South Africa and Somalia who raped a Swedish woman to death successfully fought against deportation. Even though he is a notorious rapist, he would still be able to live off the Swedish state. The prosecutor in this regard justified his decision that he would endanger the lives of Somali women should he be deported back. Creating a menace in his own back yard thus seems preferable to stemming this tide elsewhere. The inability of changing the ways of a tribe of hunter-gatherers into a sedentary and productive people are realities that equality and universalism could not answer for, and the Swedes are now experiencing this head on.

However, the same collectivist thought-pattern that swayed them into multiculturalism could also now be their salvation. The Swedish government by all means has lost its credibility and in order to regain this, should make concessions to its people. Ranking at number two of nations with the highest incidence of rape in the world, a fact well expounded by local and international media, government would be hard-pressed to ignore this demoralising form of crime which is nothing short of pandemic.

It would be in everyone’s best interest if the Swedish people regain their inner strength to fend off this tide. Norway has recently deported a large number of foreign born convicted criminals and the crime rate has dropped dramatically.

Perhaps its time that Sweden follows suit.