Whiteface causes a stir

Azealia Banks is at the center of another racially charged controversy after posting a picture of herself being transformed into an ice princess for a new music video and tagging it “#WhiteFace.” Later explaining herself on Twitter, the outspoken rapper created a firestorm.

In recent months, Banks has frequently made headlines with her Twitter rants about everything from the Bill Cosby rape allegations to slave reparations. She’s repeatedly slammed Iggy Azalea, called out Kendrick Lamar, and generally been a lightning rod for debates about race and society. On Monday, she decided to post her “whiteface” photo. People got upset. Banks took to Twitter:

Lol u crackers wish I cared enough to be doing whiteface. I’m becoming the ICE PRINCESS YAAAAAAS. I use the word crAcker just as much as I use the word n*gger… Don’t get mad now… You lot are all so easily moved… DAMN… Yall really r hype. This is not white face this is my Ice Princess makeup. Calm tf down LOL… And sidebar.. When snoop did whiteface YALL all thought that sh*t was hilarious and funny right? #MISOGYNOIR at its finest!!

Banks then turned her attention to what she claims are the media’s constant, wrong accusations of homophobia. Here’s what she had to say about that:

Gay media has to stop using homophobia as a means to try and victimize itself and scar the names of its opponents… Phobia would imply that I am scared of gay men or dislike them because of what they choose to do sexually… I promise, no one gives a f*ck what u decide to do in your private lives. But I also promise, that no matter how bitchy and clever you think you are.. That I will out-bitch you… But I’m just going to ignore yall from here on out cause YALL are really just reaching and looking for any reason to insert ur selves In the Azealia Banks story.

Banks concluded by declaring, “The gay white media is so evil, ugly and delusional.”