Getting paid for doing nothing

A former director of the water affairs department has been drawing a R3 million salary following his suspension two years ago, the Sunday Independent reported.

Maxwell Sirenya clashed with the then water affairs minister Edna Molewa over a R419 million tender in 2013, according to the newspaper.

The information technology contract for Business Connexion pitted Molewa and former public administration minister Lindiwe Sisulu against each other, with Serenya in the middle.

According to the newspaper, Molewa and Sisulu clashed over whether Molewa was right in invoking the law to award the tender to Business Connexion.

“It started in February 2013. I am not at work. I am at home, I am being paid for doing nothing,” Serenya was quoted as saying.

His case was not unique and many director generals have found themselves in a similar situation, he told the publication.

Mokonyane’s chief of staff Collin Pitso told the newspaper that the matter was close to being settled.