Dear libtards, aren’t you attracted by Zimbabwe?

Dear libtards,

Every other week, someone of your persuasion, either a feminist or antiracist or a professor of whiteness studies or cultural Marxist writes an open letter starting with “Dear white people”, containing a blast of inanities.

This seems to be some kind of fashion or trend, probably copied from someone in the USA or Great Britain. It is not that you have any appreciation for the open letter or all those European philosophical treatises (or novels even) utilising the epistolary form. After all, libtardism starts where Westernism of Europeanism leaves off. As Jakes Gerwel, after whom a boulevard has just been renamed in Cape Town by the DA in all its politically correct fervour, once said: “We need an African renaissance. The only outcome of the European one was apartheid.”

roodt_fbfotoDante, Michelangelo, German Idealism, the French philosophes, Baroque art, Beethoven and Mozart, all of that stuff is quite worthless to you as you are dedicated precisely to putting an end not only to all white culture but to the white race itself. Reading the nonsensical obituaries to André Brink, or André P. Brink as he is known in Afrikaans, these last few days, I am struck by the fact that no-one had enquired why he had had, not only countless mistresses and six wives, but six white wives. Does that not, by definition — and from the libtard perspective — make him a racist? After all, there are tens of millions of women of colour in this country, of various sizes and shapes, not to mention nationalities. Surely, if he had been a sincere libtard himself, as he so often professed to be, he would have found at least one of them who struck his fancy? Instead, he stuck to his own race, the much-maligned white race, and committed marriage no less than six times with a woman that the American system labels “Caucasian”. Not Asian, Caucasian. And with a person of the opposite sex, whereas he might very well have married someone of his own sex, desire being polymorphously perverse as Freud and many of his more hip followers have stated so often.

That leads me to my first gripe with you libtards who insist on polluting the airwaves and the newspaper columns – you seem to have a complete monopoly on what is known as the MSM or “mainstream media” – with your righteous appeals for more affirmative action, more “transformation”, more equality, more censorship of dissident opinions, more punishment for the racists and the politically incorrect, and more lenient treatment of the criminals who terrorise us here in South Africa: why do you not practise what you preach? Why do all you libtards live in majority-white or middle-class areas with private security guards, armed response and all the unnecessary and “paranoid” accoutrements of “privatised apartheid” as many of you have called it? Why do you not live in all those interesting, colourful – not to forget “vibrant” – communities whose virtues you extol in all of your litanies against racism, sexism, patriarchy and whiteness? Places that go by the names of Soweto, Alexandra, Diepsloot, the same Diepsloot about which the “doyen of South African journalism, professor Anton Harber” wrote an eponymous eulogy in book form?

Or is hypocrisy, like “non-racialism”, “non-sexism”, “non-genderism” and all the other non-creeds you cite ad nauseam, a basic tenet of libtardism? For example, some American study found that 96% of liberal journalists lived in majority-white areas. I still remember that Mad Max du Preez, the renegade Afrikaner and fanatical libtard, exhorted all whites to go and live in the black townships about fifteen years ago in the Rapport. Alas, Max himself never set the example. So what is this, are all libtards… God forbid, racist? But don’t sell your house in Parkhurst or your equally cosy little flat in Sea Point yet, I have a much better idea which should become clearer in a moment.

Let’s admit it: South Africa is a divided country and getting more divided by the day. Compounding the already strong ethnic and linguistic divisions in South Africa, is the ideological division. It used to be Left-Right, but nowadays I would call it Libtard-Normal. I know, I know, I have read Michel Foucault, in French to boot, and a few of his American disciples, so I know that normality or being normalised is a very bad thing. Being a scizophrenic or a car hijacker is so much better than being an accountant with a nine-to-five job and firmly heterosexual tendencies. As some author said not so long ago on television in Paris: “I’m white, heterosexual and Catholic. How horrible!” Normality, middle-class values, conservatism, the nuclear family, of all that stuff, it’s nothing less than a disease. And the cure is libtardism or amoral fundamentalism, the constant din of proselytising near-hysteria screamed at us every day. Racist! Sexist! Apartheid nostalgist! And all the other epithets and insults you constantly hurl at us.

This is purely an aside and please do not take it seriously. (On the other hand, I know that you never take seriously anything said by anyone other than a fellow convert, someone of the faith, a coreligionist in libtardism.) But most religions, at least until now, have tried to get converts by being nice to people, giving them a free meal or helping the poor. In our crumbling state hospitals there are Muslim women wearing head scarves and handing out sandwiches to everyone as a sign of their faith and their values, for example. However, libtardism is the only creed I know of where its adherents try to win the heathen masses over by making them feel bad about themselves, by insulting them, slandering them, calling them stupid oafs, fascists, racists, and so on. So even if you are by some miracle making converts, you are making at least as many enemies and I can assure you that most of us normal people are starting to get really irritated with you. If only we were so cruel, reactionary and dangerous as you make us out to be, we would long ago have posted a few snipers outside the offices of your newspapers or hidden in the trees on your sidewalk and at least silenced some of the most strident and hysterical warmongers among you.

But we are tolerant, unlike you. Which is why South Africa is in the mess it is in. Because for too long the libtard in his position of power in the media or the academy or in the more ideological departments of Big Business, has been getting away with murder, sometimes literally. The libtard or the Marxist view of South African history with its simplistic notions of “stolen land”, “white evil” and the “apartheid holocaust” in itself leads to revenge and violence.

While most conservatives have to work for a living, you libtards spend your days in cafés or in luxury hotels where you may be seen typing away on your brand-new Apple Powerbook i7’s obligingly provided by some educational institution or NGO. That is another amazing characteristic of libtards: while they profess an abhorrence of capitalism, they are slaves to brands and look down upon us non-Apple-owning plebs who vulgarly buy PC components, including second-hand ones, to build our own no-name-brand machines, powered by open-source software that require right-wing skills such as a basic knowledge of Unix commands to operate. Libtards know something about the differentiations between Hegelian and structural Marxism, but have no notion whether their motherboards have Intel 1150 or 1155 sockets. Apart from PC slogans which you learn off by heart, ignorance is bliss in your libtard world.

Probably most people in this country would just like to get on with their lives, have a job, raise children, watch or play a bit of sport without racial quotas. But thanks to your zeal and fanaticism, no normal society in South Africa is possible anymore. Like in the former Soviet Union, Mao’s China or Castro’s Cuba, everything is now subject to social engineering, bureaucratic oversight, political correctness and control. The tragicomic demise of Zelda La Grange who had tried for years to speak and act like a libtard, carrying her white guilt on her sleeve, is a case in point. The soupçon of being politically incorrect in a Tweet sealed her fate and led to an outburst of libtard rage, exemplified by the usual shrieks of “racism”, “whiteness” and the two or three other concepts that libtardism deems to be sinful and evil. Sniffing out the impure ones is of course part of every revolution and in South Africa the process is getting more and more intense.

That is why South Africa is bound to end up on the scrapheap as just another African basket case, a Mozambique after Samora Machel’s Marxist-Leninist revolution or the post-Mobutu DRC. As I tweeted the other day to Helen Zille who has herself become a freedom fighter of libtardism, shooting her paint gun with the word “racist” appearing all around her as in some cartoon world, South African now runs on ideology. No matter what happens to Eskom, to the economy, to law and order, the price of food and energy, everything pales into insignificance next to the exigencies of revolution, transformation and egalitarianism.

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I am less worried by an imminent ethnic conflict than by violence breaking out between libtards and normal people. The intolerance of you libtards toward dissent is stoking real tension. This is especially the case among Afrikaners. The last time there was a minor Boer civil war was in 1860 when forty people died in a shoot-out on the outskirts of Potchefstroom. The incident was to haunt Paul Kruger for years as he had to to give the order to return fire after the first shots were fired by the rebels. Afrikaans libtards are even worse than the anglophone variety: people like Adriaan Basson, Max du Preez and Piet Croucamp harbour such an intense hatred towards the conservative majority of Afrikaners that they are intent upon destroying the few remaining Afrikaans institutions, including schools and universities, that still enable Afrikaners to survive in a hostile, charged environment. Being the most dominated ethnic group in South Africa, the libtard-normal division there is at its most intense, exemplified by banning our most popular singer, Steve Hofmeyr, from arts festivals and the general imposition of censorship on dissidents, the suppression of their books and articles, attacks (including cyberattacks) on their websites, witchhunts at work, etc. So the prospect of an identity war among Afrikaners is not as far-fetched as it may sound, which might ultimately drag the rest of South Africa down with it.

At a certain level, you libtards hate South Africa. You have always hated our country and were happiest when you could call for boycotts against us and could plant car bombs in our streets or shrapnel bombs in our restaurants. So this kind of uneasy peace does not sit well with you. Little by little, you are realising that the country will never change, that people are set in their habits and cling to their traditions like you cling to your vacuous belief system.

Your ideal for South Africa is a kind of New York on the Vaal where everybody is a gay or transgender communist living off Scandinavian aid or World Bank loans and most of the economic activity consists of diversity workshops for which you libtards will claim fees big enough to drive Range Rover Sports. In this libtard utopia Marx and Engels will meet Goldman Sachs and everybody will live off zero-interest perpetual bonds and members of the nomenklatura will lord it over the equalised, non-racial, non-sexist masses who will be largely illiterate and believe everything you say.

It must be clear to you that this utopia is never going to happen. Public debts, like the body count due to the breakdown of law and order, are mounting. The middle class that you wanted to destroy is resisting by inventing their own virtual society on social media and the internet. Dare I remind you that large numbers of people are talking back to you, the sacerdotal class of the revolution, our lords whose wisdom we are not supposed to question?

A divided house cannot stand, as they say. If South Africa is to escape the current quagmire, something needs to happen. Either you should go the tried and trusted route of the left-wing revolutionary and commit genocide against us by rounding us all up, working us to death in gulags or simply shooting everyone suspected of questioning your precepts, or you should give up on the idea of “transforming” South Africa altogether. Given your libtard capacity for organisation and the current state of your military, if I were you, I would not opt for civil war against the millions of remaining conservatives, Afrikaners, traditional Africans and others who are still ideologically very impure, to the point of being racists, sexists or at least irredeemably politically incorrect.

However, a solution is at hand, I believe. There is one country in Southern Africa where the struggle for equality, non-racialism and non-sexism has been largely achieved: Zimbabwe. Comrade Robert Mugabe has indeed eradicated whiteness in most of its forms, literally by removing all white farmers and imposing a strict “indigenisation” policy. On the debit side, Zimbabwe is not exactly a model of enlightenment when it comes to “gender” and I doubt whether American-style “queer theory” is yet a compulsory subject at the University of Harare. But no society is perfect. The challenge for you libtards is to “move” the Zimbabwean transformation project “forward”, as you are wont to put it and “challenge the last vestiges of patriarchy” which may or may not remain in that otherwise “progressive” country.

“Thy hinterland lies there” as the inscription reads on the Rhodes statue in Rondebosch, next to the University of Cape Town where large numbers of fanatical libtards labour in the politically correct monasteries for a better world without race, sex or social hierarchy.

Soon Mr. Mugabe may pass the baton to his wife, Grace, which will in itself cheer the feminists of the world, including the South African ones who would be delighted to go and serve a female president. Why commit to an unlikely quest for utopia in the land of apartheid, gated communities, rugby, koeksisters, boerewors and Die Stem when you could experience the instant bliss of liberation in an already “postcolonial” society?

Ja, man, you must have noticed that one. As Saul Bellow says somewhere in his novel Herzog, “the word sensibility later made it big”. That was in the USA. Among South African libtards, “postcolonial” has made it big. I would say it is even compulsory to use it all the time, just like you have to be quick on the draw in crushing any dissent out there by shouting “racist” with a megaphone or preferably on the eight o’clock TV news.

Just imagine. If Bob had to go and meet his maker at last and Grace had to succumb to the charms of her own sex and perhaps become Zimbabwe’s first openly gay president, it could be libtard heaven. Sexism, racism and whiteness would all have been vanquished and the entire Zimbabwean economy could consist of transgender or postcolonial advocacy groups spreading the good news on a planetary scale. Sweden and Norway would provide most of the state budget and Oxfam would dish out free food, paid for by private British and other donors. Not to forget the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Everyone would drive around in black Range Rovers running on a Chinese energy subsidy as Harare would now be the intellectual capital of Africa, nay the world, with so many self-proclaimed libtard genii assembled in one city. In fact, many foreign governments would compete to donate money to Zimbabwe which would consist of one gigantic network of ultraliberal and Marxist NGOs, media and universities where all departments except Whiteness, Gender and Postcolonialism would be abolished.

No self-respecting libtard would want to share a country with Steve Hofmeyr anyway. This place is only worth boycotting or fleeing from, blighted as it is by 360 years of apartheid and colonialism. As Allister Sparks put it, he is “ashamed of his nationality”. Aren’t you?

Not only shall we at last enjoy some kind of social peace and no-one on crack cocaine would hoot at you in the morning traffic screaming “you racist, sexist bastard” anymore, but north of the Limpopo a truly new, exciting society will be flourishing. The UN will consecrate Harare as the permanent home of the World Conference Against Racism that last took place – ironically – in Durban, a city divided along race and class lines. Property prices will go through the roof as libtards from South Africa and all over the world will scramble to stake a claim in Harare like the hippies once descended on San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district.

South Africa would avoid the fate of Syria with a potential libtard-normal civil war breaking out and Zimbabwe would gain thousands of postcolonial, postracial, postgender, post-anything people with high self-esteem and global media connections.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me, don’t you think?