US Senator sells war with fake photographs

Serious questions have been raised about the authenticity of photographs provided by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R., Okla.) to sell a “Russian invasion”.

Inhofe released “photographic proof of Russian solders in Ukraine” in order to push forward his bill to provide U.S. arms to Ukraine. Or so he thought.

Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee first viewed the graphic pictures in December. Sen. Inhofe then obtained the photos and worked to independently verify and confirm the authenticity of the photos, before providing the fake photo’s “exclusively” to the Free Beacon.

Several images of the Russian convoys appear to have been taken in 2008, during Russia’s conflict with Georgia, but have been presented as “evidence” of an Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Inhofe wanted the Obama administration and American people to see “graphic violence inflicted upon Ukraine by the Russian-backed separatists”.

United States Senators are the people who actually play an important role in deciding when their country goes to war. Inhofe’s bill to arm the Ukrainians is sponsored by at least 16 other leading Republicans, including Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), John Cornyn (Texas), Marco Rubio (Fla.), and Tom Cotton (Ark.).

Sen. Inhofe said in a statement: “The Ukrainian parliament members who gave us these photos in print form as if it came directly from a camera really did themselves a disservice. We felt confident to release these photos because the images match the reporting of what is going on in the region. I was furious to learn one of the photos provided now appears to be falsified from an AP photo taken in 2008.”