Terrorists celebrate 20 years of terror

Former Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled’s visit to Soweto on Sunday turned into a celebration of violence, armed terror and crime “for a noble cause”.

Posters of Nelson Mandela adorned the walls of the Donaldson Orlando Community Centre in Soweto with the words: “The belligerent attitude adopted by the Israeli government is to us unacceptable.” Mandela however had welcomed armed terror in South Africa.

One of the main reasons why Mandela had lingered in prison for 27 years, was because he had refused to call off the ANC’s armed struggle campaign against innocent civilians.

The Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Mcebisi Skwatsha reminded the audience that weapons were an essential part of the struggle: “You are told it’s a matter of life or death, but the cause is a noble one. It was a matter of being inducted into the use of an AK47.”

“Two people stood out for us young ones. It was that picture of comrade Leila carrying an AK47. And it was also a pic of comrade Che Guevara carrying an AK47.

Without irony Skwatsha said Khaled, like Nelson Mandela, had been labelled a terrorist.

“The chief terrorist became the president of a liberated South Africa. Look at the difference the terrorists have made in our country in the last 20 years.”

Since Mandela’s release South Africa has become a criminal paradise, making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world and a child rapist’s dream.

Max Ozinsky, a national executive committee member of the MK Veterans Association, said Israel and apartheid South Africa had worked together to fight the ANC and its “armed struggle against apartheid and its supporters”.

Skwatsha said he had been involved in terror against civilians in South Africa. He joined the ANC’s military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe “at an early age in the 1980s”.

Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans and Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans’ Association chairman Kebby Maphatsoe meanwhile declared war on the EFF, saying it was “in parliament because of our sweat and blood”.

He told a raucous crowd at the Centre: “They’ve declared war on us and we’ve been left with no choice but to defend ourselves.”

The mostly ANC crowd chanted struggle threats against EFF members, promising violence.

Khaled, who has reportedly had no less than nine facial plastic surgery interventions, leaves for Jordan today.

Her visit was to raise funds for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel in South Africa.

“Now you’re enjoying the streets of Soweto. I feel I’m with my family. You’re sisters and brothers. We [Palestinians] were celebrating in 1994 when you got your elections. Freedom is important because it is dignity. Why don’t they [Israelis] admit that occupation is terrorism?”