English football fans push black off train

A recent video shows a black man in Paris forcefully pushed off a subway train by rowdy British Chelsea fans headed for a match with Paris Saint-Germain. An investigation into their identities is underway.

“We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it” – this is the phrase they chanted during the incident, seen here in amateur video footage taken at the Richelieu-Drouot station and obtained exclusively by the Guardian.

The black man tried to squeeze past them several times, before being given a hard shove.

It is somewhat ironic that Chelsea is “a Jewish-owned football team where the majority of players are black and foreign,” as the club fan magazine’s editor David Johnstone pointed out, expressing his shock at the incident. He added that “I think the majority of Chelsea supporters are as disgusted by what’s happened.”

French police had to use tear gas on British supporters on the day, shortly before the game, local reports indicate.