Whites must die for South Africa

The Department of Defence is apparently trying to reverse racial quotas in its recruitment.

The latest South African Survey by the SA Institute of Race Relations shows that the military plans to employ more whites and fewer blacks.

The defence force admits there is a shortage of white personnel but says its recruitment drives are not based on racial quotas.

The survey shows the department’s employment equity targets are changing:

The black employment target from the current 72% to 65%;
Coloured employment from 13% to 10%;
Indian employment will remain at 1%;
The target for whites will increase from 14% to 24%.

The Institute of Race Relations figures are based on information contained in the defence department’s annual report and on its own calculations.

Stats SA’s 2015 midyear population estimates show that blacks represent 80% of the population, coloureds 8.8%, whites 8.2% and Indians 2.4%.

The research shows that there are huge numbers of vacancies in the military’s land and air defence, medical, and defence intelligence services.

The military currently has 57141 black, 10991 white, 10099 coloured and 916 Indian members.

SA National Defence Union national secretary Pikkie Greeff said the military found itself in this position because “when they started awarding exit packages they let go too many of the racial groupings that they now want to increase”.

Defence Department spokesman Siphiwe Dlamini admitted that there was a shortage of full-time white members but denied there were plans to change racial quotas.

Source: timeslive

  • Alan Joseph Secrève

    Worse. Whites have to now start killing other whites when marshall law is declared.

    • ss

      How right you are !

  • Johann Theron

    The interesting inside story I heard is that the last vestige of white knowledge remained in Warrant Officers, now going on pension. These people are gatvol and are going on early pension. This cannot be replaced with a new “recruitment drive” For example, the safety officer at Airforce Base Waterkloof is a Warrant Officer now going on early pension. Hahaha.

  • Rooikop

    A lot of white people died for ZA. Firstly during the British occupation – a lot of them women and children horded in camps because the Brits could not fight against men. Secondly during the Angola/South West war. Currently on the farms where old people are tortured for sport.

    So take your army and go fight your own fights. They want up to 24% whites – we are probably less than 8% of the population. So take all the libs who dumped us in this mess to the army and let them fight, FW and Roelfie in front.

  • hT

    Back when the transition came in the
    mid-90s, the defense force became top-heavy. All of a sudden there was an
    increase in mid- and senior ranks, mostly from the old acronym terrorist
    movements, while the lower rank numbers dried up as a result of the end of

    Then there was the disastrous double standards for air force candidates, which
    was quietly abandoned after a number of fatal training accidents. This problem
    has since been addressed to some extent, by giving qualified members (from
    other branches of the service) the opportunity to join the air force.

    Looming over all of the above is the specter of HIV/AIDS. Given the huge
    numbers of HIV positive members, and the fact that HIV positive members are not
    allowed to be deployed (and cannot be fired either, since this would be considered
    ‘discrimination’), this greatly increases the workload on HIV negative members.

    And given the statistically insignificant prevalence of HIV under South Africa’s
    white population, it is but a short step to deduce that the defense force needs
    more deployable personnel.

    And therein lies the real question:

    What are they planning now?

    (The Americans cosmetically improved their
    unemployment rate in the 60s and 70s by shipping undesirables off to fight in
    South East Asia. The ones that did not die, brought back the US with them the
    drug culture they had adopted in the East.

    The European countries worst affected by
    HIV / AIDS are in the East, the main recruiting grounds for the old Soviet / Warsaw Pact ‘advisors’
    to African revolutionary movements during the Cold War.

    Just putting it out there…)

  • ss

    Who the hell wants to go to the (THIS) army ? Who is calling this non functional ,disintegrated chaos an army? From one of the best in the world , to the bottom of the sea. Literally ! (Submarine.)

  • Willem

    Another form of genocide.

  • Nevyn

    We die everyday for this country, we have been dying for centuries for this country, I will not die for the anc, never. I will however die fighting against them though, thats not a problem, don’t mind doing that.

  • FR2P

    Wrong title. It should read “Whites must die protecting the chief’s private mining concerns”.

  • norainbownation

    So nobody actually said whites must die for SA! Thats just a sensationalist heading. SA is not at war with any country, so if they die it will be because of a vehicle/shooting accident or HIV aids!