Rag withdraws from Press Ombudsman

The New Age, a government-funded propaganda spout, has decided to withdraw from the Press Ombudsman process according to an opposition party.

The opposition complained about a front page article on February 2 2015, headlined “DA sees conspiracies where there are none”, in which Communications Minister Faith Muthambi defended the government’s advertising in the newspaper.

The party said that The New Age was getting a “disproportionate” amount of government advertising expenditure and complained to the Press Ombudsman.

The CEO of The New Age, Nazeem Howa, wrote to the Ombudsman on 25 February to ‘confirm the withdrawal of The New Age from the Press Ombudsman processes’.

It appears that, to avoid the embarrassment of apologising and retracting the story, The New Age decided to withdraw from the Ombudsman process.

The party claimed that The New Age was considering the appointment of its own ombudsman to deal with complaints against the publication.