Child’s mutilated body found

Five days after she went missing, 5-year-old Anovuyo Ndamase’s mutilated body was found wrapped in a plastic bag a stone’s throw from her Khayelitsha house.

Missing Children SA spokeswoman Nicky Rheeder confirmed that black children go unattended most of the time. Rheeder said: “Some people who grew up in a culture where neighbours and relatives would watch over a young child find it difficult to believe life is not as safe now.”

Anovuyo’s body was found behind a shack on Thursday morning. She was last seen at about 6pm on Sunday.

A 32-year-old man was arrested hours after the gruesome discovery, which had followed days of house-to-house searches by Enkanini residents.

Anovuyo was found 25m from her home shortly before refuse was to be collected in the area.

“Anovuyo was found by a resident. He was coming from work when he saw a blue plastic bag in the middle of a walkway and he wanted to put in on the side of the road to be collected.

“He said he realised it was heavy and there was something unusual inside. After he found it was Anovuyo’s body, he called for help,” Khothuka said. She said Anovuyo’s distraught parents were taken for counselling. “Her dress and underwear had blood. What I saw is something that will be in my mind for a very long time.”

For about R300 you can buy an African child – one of the tens of thousands of children snatched from their homes across the continent.

An alarming number of people, especially young adults, are kidnapped for organ trafficking. Some organs cost R1-million on the black market.