US waging a financial war for imperial ambitions

The United States is waging a finance war against Moscow in a bid to weaken Russia to a point of economic and social destruction, the Austrian Contra magazine said, adding that this campaign goes against the international law, WTO rules and bilateral agreements.

The United States has a wide array of instruments at its disposal. The Austrian magazine named assigning false credit ratings as a prime example.

“Russia’s fundamentals are the best in the world. Not a single (big) state has better fundamentals than Russia.

However, Fitch downgraded it to a 3B rating – just above junk level. The US has the worst fundamentals in the world. But the same rating agency has given it AAA, the best rating possible. It remains a mystery how the rating agency counts that,” the publication said.

The media outlet compared the US to a terrorist state that disregards general code of conduct and acts upon its whims and wishes, forcing other countries to participate. Moreover, Washington threatens any country that has chosen to act independently with war and sanctions.

The US monthly CounterPunch also called American and British imperial ambitions the real challenge to the world.

Any country resisting the American Empire, taking a stand against its hypocrisy, double standards, and complete lack of respect towards other countries and cultures, US monthly CounterPunch reported, suffers from these attacks.

The last year coup in Ukraine was openly supported by the West. US Senator John McCain along with EU representative Catherine Ashton traveled to Ukraine personally to show their support and urge on the protesters in Kiev.

The United States is a global hegemon with over 1,000 military bases and 11 navy battle carrier groups around the world and a military budget that exceeds budgets of all other industrialized nations combined.

The truth is that the challenge facing the world right now is how to deal with the United States and its imperial ambitions, rather than contain a fake Russian threat.

The Ukrainian crisis has once again shown that “we live in a world in which the West’s interests and rights are the only ones deemed legitimate”. The imperial hegemonic agenda of the United States and Britain is the root cause of the crises currently taking place in eastern Ukraine and the Middle East.

American and British hypocrisy knows no borders, the US monthly said. How the United States and Britain who played central roles in diminishing Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria into an abyss of carnage and savagery, could then make statements that Putin is a greater threat to Europe than the Islamic State?

  • Guest

    “I have been just as furious as you at the compilation of lies which the communist and Semitic elements of our government have leveled against me and practically every other commander. In my opinion it is a deliberate attempt to alienate the soldier vote from the commanders, because the communists know that soldiers are not communistic, and they fear what eleven million votes (of veterans) would do.” – George Patton

    • eduard

      This is exactly the reason why “they” took him out too.

  • FR2P

    Globalism/NWO will evaporate because most people know who they are. They don’t need a Jewish banker to tell them to what group they belong to be ‘citizen of the world’. The West and Anglosphere in particular will be gone and replaced by the North, in clear opposition to the South.

    • Guest

      As Adam Smith’s observation goes: landowners are necessarily citizens of the countries containing their land, a stockholder “is properly a citizen of the world, and is not necessarily attached to any particular country.” Huntington was unaware that the peak-oil phenomena would greatly play into the hands of the chances of his identitarian theory becoming reality. American national identity is threatened, as he rightly maintained, by mass immigration; multiculturalism; the large Hispanic population, mostly immigrant, and a resultant trend of Hispanization; and the denationalization of America’s elites. Just like South Africa, America will never become a “creedal nation” united by commitment to a set of political principles,as formulated by Jefferson. This assumes that “a nation can be based on only a political contract among individuals lacking any other commonality.” Assimilation meant not adopting “propositions,” but embracing Anglo culture, starting with learning English. Motivated by marketing concerns and a desire to fend off discrimination lawsuits and bad publicity, international corporations are however crucial in promoting public policies of affirmative action and racial preferences. Meaning ironically that only blacks in SA want to be English. So they live up to Huntington’s desire to separate nationality and culture from ethnicity on the surface, but happily the elites have not noticed their fatal error yet.

      • FR2P

        Australia has been left totally unprotected by this “creedal” nonsense and China will fill that power vacuum to double its territory. The Australian-US alliance will be used by China as a pretext to take over Australia. That’s one place I would not like to be, because the Ozzies don’t see that coming!

  • Sith’ari Boer

    They left out South Afica from that list.

  • Danie

    Today “the West” is the Illuminati NWO and run by none other than Satan. Obama even looks like Satan.

  • Nevyn

    If we ever take back the world from these maniacs, we going to have to reboot and reinstall it seems to me, everything contains a virus nowadays, it’s all infected.