White woman assaulted for filming an assault by blacks

A heated debate turned into a violent racial altercation when black staff and management at the Centurion licensing centre apparently assaulted a white women filming an assault.

“I went with my father to the Centurion licensing offices. One of the managers was verbally and physically assaulting a woman waiting in line,” said the white woman, who asked not to be named.

“This came when the centre refused to help the first woman after she was told she would find the necessary forms inside the centre. When she went inside, she was chased away because she did not have the forms she was promised she would find inside. After an extended altercation, she was thrown out of the centre.”

The second woman said some of the other black staff in the centre thought she was recording the episode as she had her cellphone in her hand.

“One of the black testing officials tried to force me to hand over my phone. I refused, and in the altercation with her, she scratched me in my face.”

The woman claimed that black security guards physically tried to force her outside, but she resisted. A black manager then attacked her from behind, and dragged her outside, she said.

Other black staff then started shouting that the white woman had “stolen” a cellphone. The woman said she left and laid a charge of assault at the Lyttelton police station.

“We are not leaving this here. This is unacceptable,” she said.

However when she reported the assault to the police, she learned that a case of assault had been opened against her by a black licensing department official.

The case was dismissed by the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court due to the spurious nature of the licensing official’s claims.

The case against the staff member of the licensing services is still being investigated, and has not been dismissed by the court.