Terrifying ordeal for Ramsgate couple

One of the most terrifying cases of late involved a dramatic jump from a top story window by a 57-year-old Ramsgate woman who wanted to alert her husband to two masked black men who had broken in at breakfast time on Monday.

Police spokesman Captain Gerald Mfeka said Arnold Miller (72), of Ilala Crescent, had taken his daughter to school, leaving his wife, Patricia Lorraine Tench-Wilkinson, home alone.

Ms Wilkinson shared her terrifying ordeal with the Herald.

“I had just made coffee for myself and Arnold. I left his cup in the kitchen, went upstairs to watch the news, leaving the kitchen door open for him and our domestic worker. Suddenly there was a knife at my throat and my three gold chains were ripped off my neck.”

Two men tied her hands and legs with cable ties, then taped her mouth. They demanded money and the keys to the safe and threatened to rape her.

When Mr Miller arrived home the men went downstairs to confront him. Mrs Wilkinson managed to break free, jumped through a window and landed on a pot plant.

She couldn’t see her husband, so – badly bruised – she limped to a neighbour for help.

Meanwhile, the black intruders had already overpowered Mr Miller and were pushing him up the stairs. He managed to surprise them and slammed a security gate closed between them.

They shot him twice in the leg and fled.

“I heard my husband shouting for help and ran back into the house.There was blood everywhere and I remember him saying he was going to die. Luckily the ambulance arrived quickly and he was taken to hospital.”

He is in a stable condition. No arrests have been made.

Where Arnold Miller (72) was found by his injured wife
Where Arnold Miller (72) was found by his injured wife

Source: South Coast Herald