Biggest political upset in the Netherlands after asylum announcement

The political upset this week does not come from France, where Marine Le Pen came out stronger in local elections, but from the Netherlands.

The largest party, the liberal VVD has announced that it wants to abolish asylum completely for non-Europeans, meaning black Africans.

The VVD wants to convince other European parties in Europe to adopt a new ‘Fortress Europe’ policy.

This is the first time that a European mainstream party is adopting an openly anti-immigration stance. The proposal is that African countries should rather receive asylum seekers.

Ostensibly the party is worried about “drownings” when tens of thousands of Africans perish at sea in the hazardous journey to Europe.

Last year some 3000 drowned and the VVD says it wants to put an end to this. The real reason is that vast majority of people making it to Europe won’t get asylum, but as illegals they soon join the crime circuit.

During the recent Staten elections, the main voice for immigration and a multicultural hodge-podge, the PvdA, lost the election decisively.

The idea to “shelter refugees in their own region” actually calls the bluff of the European asylum-industry.

Not a single economic refugee will travel to Morocco, Ethiopia, Tanzania and other “designated safe countries”, for the simple reason that hand-outs don’t exist in these countries.

The VVD for the first time is siding with parties like the Front National and the PVV.