Heroin addict Angelina Jolie’s latest bizarre op

Angelina Jolie, an alleged a heroin addict, said she has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to avoid the risk of ovarian cancer.

Her latest bizarre announcement in a New York Times column printed on Tuesday came nearly two years after the rights campaigner and mother-of-six had a double mastectomy after learning she had also inherited a risk of breast cancer.

Jolie’s earlier announcement of undergoing the double mastectomy (surgically removing both breasts) even though she had no breast cancer might not have been the innocent, spontaneous, “heroic choice” that has been portrayed in the mainstream media.

Some even claim she never had the actual operation, but is promoting androgyny by pretending to have had her breasts removed.

According to Natural News the latest operation is all part of well-timed PR campaign that has been planned for months and just happens to coincide with the upcoming US Supreme Court decision on the viability of the BRCA1 patent.

It caused women to rush out and seek BRCA1 gene testing procedures. Because of this patent, BRCA1 tests can cost $3,000 – $4,000 each. The testing alone is a multi-billion-dollar market, but only if the patent is upheld in an upcoming Supreme Court decision.

It caused the stock price of Myriad Genetics (MYGN) to skyrocket to a 52-week high. “Myriad’s stock closed up 3% Tuesday, following the publication of the New York Times op-ed,” wrote marketwatch.com.

It drove public opinion to influence the US Supreme Court decision to rule in favor of corporate ownership of human genes, an even bigger nightmare than the corporate ownership of genetically modified fruits and vegetables.

Jolie, 39, said she had gone public with her decision to tell other women about the options available to them. But by promoting DNA tests, Jolie is aiding Big Brother to map more DNA, and to pay for the “privilege”.

Promoting the removal of healthy ovaries also seems like an easy way to control population growth.

Despite being a drug addict, she is Goodwill Ambassador to the UN and member of CFR, and using her profile as mother to a malnourished multicultural brood, to promote NATO’s genocidal ‘humanitarian intervention’ war doctrine.

Jolie’s directorial debut, In the land of Blood and Honey, justified NATO’s butchery in Bosnia during the 1990s, and Jolie even specifically refered to Syria in her Al Jazeera interview. She put forth a string of utterly hollow gripes about the inactivity of the ‘international community’ as civilians suffer and die but with her selective morality she did not once mention Libya.

“I feel feminine, and grounded in the choices I am making for myself and my family. I know my children will never have to say, ‘Mom died of ovarian cancer,'” the fashionably anorexic junky wrote, who likes to carry the blood of people on necklaces around her neck.

The procedure had triggered menopause, she added. “I will not be able to have any more children, and I expect some physical changes. But I feel at ease with whatever will come, not because I am strong but because this is a part of life. It is nothing to be feared.”