PRAAG campaign for an international hard-news site

Dear reader,

Everyone complains about just how biased and politically correct the mainstream media are. Not only are they slavishly in favour of multiculturalism and more or less free immigration to Western countries, but they also selectively report the facts.

On the web today, there exists a plethora of blogs and social-media commentary where the public is freely speaking its mind, but we are still dependent on two or three major news services such as AP and Reuters for hard or breaking news.

PRAAG-embleem50Most of the mainstream media simply redistribute their news and so perpetuate their global monopoly and Big Brother-style, one-world reporting.

However, we have identified a European news service who, although they are also part of the mainstream media, at least report truthfully and do not shy away from putting global anomalies and injustices under the spotlight. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, relatively few newspapers or websites carry their stories, although they put out hundreds if not thousands of articles every day, covering all the major news events.

For a start, we need about $1000 per month to subscribe to their wire service so that we could post a selection of their articles every day on our site. If only 10 people in each of 10 countries took out a PayPal subscription of $10 per month, we could cover it!

Naturally, 10 x 10 x $10 = $1000.

The benefits to all of us would be enormous as we would be so much better informed. Also, traffic to this site would expand exponentially and our opinion pieces, in-house news and interpretations would be that much more widely read.

We aim to do interviews with leading thinkers and activists in the USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia and so build upon this world-wide movement against multiculturalism and political correctness. The combination of such views and a constant stream of breaking news could have a huge impact, relayed as it would be by social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Happily, I now have 29 000 followers on Twitter who would immediately be able to follow all the news service’s breaking news, as well as in-depth stories, we could publish.

But operating as we do on a shoe-string budget, we really need a bit of extra cash to subscribe to that European news service (most of their articles are available in very good English and cover the US as well), so we appeal to at least 10 people in 10 countries to subscribe via PayPal so that we could take the plunge and commit to an extra monthly payment of $1000.

After all, what’s ten bucks per month? You already spend it on Starbucks who reward you with absurdities like “Race Together“. Why not invest such a small sum in the future of European man who is being assailed from all sides, especially here in South Africa where we suffer from the kind of bloody domination that will soon be the fate of every white person on earth…?

From today onwards, we’ll publish the country and the amount of each new PayPal subscriber we get, until we attain the $1000 per month. Unless expressly requested, we won’t publish any names or other details.

Let’s get better informed ourselves, as well as our family and friends, our countrymen and everyone else we care about. It could just save our civilisation! We don’t need 300 as at Thermopylae, just 100.

Simply click here and subscribe via PayPal.

Thanking you in advance.



roodt_dan4Dan Roodt
Publisher, and

P.S. If you prefer to make monthly payments by other means or another currency (such as EUR, CAD, AUD, etc.) or take out a debit order in South African rand, please contact us at info[at]