Nuclear deal with Iran reached says Russian diplomat

The P5+1 group and Iran agreed on all key aspects and are due to start drafting preliminary deal on Tehran’s nuclear program, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

“We can quite certainly say that on all the key aspects of final settlement of this problem, the ministers have reached principal consent that will be, hopefully in the next hours, maybe a day, put on the paper. The experts were tasked with this,” Lavrov told reporters Wednesday.

Lavrov also said that the preliminary agreement on Iran’s nuclear program will include verification mechanisms guaranteeing peaceful nature of Tehran’s nuke and stipulate lifting sanctions.

However, clearing the “technical details” of a final deal may take until June, he added.

Tehran also hopes that a draft agreement will soon be finalized, with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif saying the sides will “hopefully start drafting tomorrow.”

The White House announced that US President Barack Obama received an update on the talks from his national security team via a video teleconference, but did not give any details.

The deal would put restrictions on Iranian nuclear activities, which would prevent it from rushing towards nuclear capability while allowing it to develop a civilian nuclear industry.

A diplomat close to negotiations meanwhile told Reuters it was “not true” that agreement was reached on all key issues, without specifying any stumbling blocks that remain.

A draft document could soon be approved by the sides, a diplomatic source close to negotiations told journalists earlier, not specifying whether it would be a joint statement or a draft resolution.