Arabian media reports ties between ISIS and US

Arabian media have reported Wednesday about ties between Islamic State (ISIS) extremist group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the US. The reports appeared in response to US Senator John McCain’s attempts to deny his communication with al-Baghdadi.

The main evidence is the picture taken in 2013 in Syria, where Senator McCain met with opposition representatives whom the US supported in their fight against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The Elaph newspaper published an article titled “Photo of A-Baghdadi and McCain Adds Uncertainty to Relations between Washington and ISIS,” stating that the American politician held talks with al-Baghdadi at the meeting with the Syrian opposition.

Elaph noted that the photo triggered an “uproar” in social networks, with users claiming it provides a significant proof that there is secret connection between the US and the Islamist leader. Internet users say that the US, declaring the group its enemy number one in public, in reality provides financial and surveillance assistance to ISIS. Some users even go as far as claiming that the Islamic State, like al-Qaeda, was created by Americans.

The media wonder – why has not America destroyed al-Baghdadi and released him from a US prison? Elaph wrote that this proves there are ties between the Islamist and the White House, reminding readers that al-Baghdadi was released “in odd circumstances”. However, not long after releasing him, Americans declared al-Baghdadi “terrorist number one.”

Egyptian daily Al-Wafd published an article titled “Islamic State – America’s Mad Wolf,” saying Washington created the organization with the support from British and Pakistani special services. The main aim of Islamic State is to destroy Syria and Iraq, and the daily claims that US war on Islamism is “a big lie” that is used to justify Washington’s involvement in the framework of its military strategy. Militants’ attack on Iraq in 2014 is described by the newspaper as one of the operations planned with the participation of McCain and with the support of US and NATO.

Source: Itar-TASS