ANC national chairwoman warns of plot to unseat Zuma

ANC national chairwoman Baleka Mbete believes there is an internal plot to unseat President Jacob Zuma before he completes his second term.

Speaking at the ANC Limpopo provincial general council in Polokwane on Sunday night, Mbete said Zuma’s detractors who failed to oust him as party leader in Mangaung in 2012 had regrouped to plot his downfall.

Without mentioning names, Mbete said: “There are people there in Parliament who’ve allowed themselves to become part of a whole huge ‘Zuma must go’ agenda.”

She said Zuma’s foes within the party were plotting with opposition politicians by holding clandestine meetings.

The plan, she said, was to oust Zuma during the ANC national general council (NGC) in October. The NGC is held between national conferences, and it is meant to, among other things, evaluate the performance of national executive committee members, of which Zuma forms part, according to the ANC constitution.

This isn’t the first time Zuma’s name has been mentioned in relation to a conspiracy.

The so-called Special Browse Mole Report of 2007 suggested that Angolan intelligence forces plotted to support the then axed deputy president Zuma’s attempt to take over the presidency.

The report had been compiled by the disbanded crime-fighting unit, the Scorpions. It led to then president Thabo Mbeki’s downfall at Polokwane in December 2007.

Subsequently, Zuma was elected to steer the ANC.

On Monday night, an ANC regional leader in Limpopo, commenting anonymously, said that if the allegations were true, those behind the plot were wasting their time.

“If it’s true that there is a plot to remove that man in the PGC (provincial general council), it means those people don’t understand ANC politics.

“Zuma is well entrenched now,” he added.

Source: IOL