AgangSA vows to protect Paul Kruger statue

AgangSA members plan to form a human chain around the statue of Paul Kruger in Krugersdorp to protest the recent defacing of statues around the country.

A statue of Paul Kruger in the West Rand town of Krugersdorp was vandalised with red paint overnight on Tuesday.

Agang spokesperson Andries Tlouama said, “The attacks on statues will lead to more attacks on minorities and we cannot have that happen under our watch.”

“These attacks display lawlessness and are an indication that our country is slowly declining into a state of anarchy.”

Tlouama called those who deface statues “hooligans” and said the party will work to protect the rights of all South Africans, including minorities.

“We despise and are angry at apartheid, but the defacing of statues is childish, unnecessary and lawless,” he continued.

He said citizens should follow the proper channels to have colonial statues removed.

“If this continues, we might find ourselves in a state of civil war,” Tlouamma concluded.

AgangSA members plan to convene at the statue from 9am on Wednesday.

Source: eNCA