Malema pleads for black unity

Julius Malema pleaded with Alexandra residents on Monday to embrace black Africans in a bid to save black racial unity.

The EFF leader reminded his racial equals of the critical role that African countries had played to overthrow white rule.

He told residents to stop competing with black foreigners or to blame black foreigners for their suffering and to blame the government instead.

Shots were fired at a group of EFF members as residents waited at the corner of Fourth Avenue for Malema to appear.

Shots, it seemed, were fired from the Madala hostel where Zulu residents were holed up fearing some attack from the EFF Pedi’s. One EFF member was shot in the leg and rushed to hospital.

Malema’s visit to the area followed the xenophobic attack of Mozambican Emmanuel Sithole in Alexandra on Saturday.

Police have arrested all four men in connection with the murder.