School to re-open amid racial tension with heavy security

Roodepoort Primary School will reopen on Tuesday, albeit under heavy police guard. The school was indefinitely closed down by Gauteng MEC Panyaza Lesufi on Friday after one group of coloured parents had been protesting the appointment of a black principal.

The announcement of the school’s reopening was made a meeting held with another group of parents on Monday night. Lesufi says he was concerned about the children who were caught in the crossfire.

At Monday night’s meeting, it transpired that many parents had not known the details of the happenings at the school, although they were aware that something was amiss as their children had frequently been going home early from school.

This group of parents showed support for Lesufi and celebrated the announcement that the school would be reopened.

The dissenting coloured community members and parents who have been protesting held a separate meeting on Monday night and threatened that they would wreak havoc if the school was not reopened by Tuesday.

The protesting parents want the new principal’s appointment to be rescinded despite a KPMG report claiming that the appointment was legitimate.