ANC proposes Jurassic Park of white symbols and statues

The ANC government’s proposed plan to rid the country of white statues and symbols includes the appointment of a task team to ensure the acceleration of the process of identification‚ consultation and relocation of statues for a period of between a minimum of three years and a maximum of not more than five years.

Above all‚ the plan includes a special programme to be established to celebrate African history “on the continental scale” to affirm black identity‚ as an antidote for white South African “exceptionalism”.

The term “exceptionalism” alludes to a recently coined phrase depicting Neocons in the US, and has little to do with South Africa or the besieged white minority in the country. The use of the term nevertheless indicates the regime’s level of confusion.

An audit of existing names‚ symbols and sites will be made “to identify those that are considered offensive”, meaning white. These will need to be changed within a specified period, the regime says.

In the instances where there may be “a need for disposal of some of the symbols and statues‚ proper disposal processes and guideline policies will be designed”.

An anti-white racial campaign will thus be launched together with a series of vigorous public re-education sessions.

The establishment of a historical theme park, a kind of Jurassic Park, giving a detailed history and narrative of the evolution of the South African society is part of the scheme.

Transformation of the heritage landscape will be informed and replaced by black and gay symbols or themes that focus on unity, the ANC says.