Clinton’s African adventure

On their nine-day trip to Africa, Bill and Chelsea Clinton are traveling with 20 wealthy donors and supporters, some of whom have also been fundraising for Hillary’s presidential bid and others who are expected to give big to her campaign.

The opportunity to accompany Bill Clinton on trips across the globe on behalf of his philanthropic foundation for years has been considered both a reward for past donations and an inducement for future giving, say sources familiar with the foundation’s finance operation. This time, they say, it was an especially coveted invite that was extended to wealthy Clinton supporters — including those who are also expected to give generously to Hillary’s campaign.

The foundation, which provided POLITICO with the list of donors on the trip, said the group represents both longtime supporters as well as those who are just getting involved and provides an opportunity to see the projects they are contributing to.

Among those along for the ride, which began yesterday: Democrat Jay Jacobs and his wife, Mindy, longtime Clinton fundraisers and foundation supporters; billionaire CEO Lynn Forester de Rothschild; Washington lobbyist Liz Robbins, who in the past has hosted events for the Clintons at her East Hampton home; wealthy Ugandan Rumi Verjee, who made his fortune franchising Domino’s Pizza in England; and John and Rebecca MacKay, who have donated between $5 and $10 million to the foundation.

The labor movement might not yet be ready for Hillary, but Hillary is ready to start wooing labor. In an email sent out Tuesday to labor organizers by political director Amanda Renteria and obtained by POLITICO, the Clinton campaign announced it has hired Nikki Budzinski, former national labor coordinator at the UFCW, as its labor outreach director.

The announcement came the same day that the country’s most powerful union leader, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, delivered a much-publicized speech with the message that organized labor isn’t ready to endorse Hillary just yet.

Renteria said that filling the labor outreach post “has been a top priority for us given the importance of labor issues to Hillary and everyday Americans across the country. I also know that Hillary and so many of us here already have long-standing relationships within the labor community, and we’re looking forward to maintaining and growing those relationships as a team.” Budzinski will join the campaign on May 15, the email said.