Mobile app to keep borders open

Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor recently launched the “We are Africa mobile app” which is an online platform in which the public can pledge their support against xenophobia.

The application’s creators embody the very message of the anti-xenophobia campaign that is unity amongst Africans, as the application was a collaborative effort between three South Africans along with Angolan and Congolese team members.

The application allows people to pledge their support against xenophobia as well as alert officials on any looming cases of xenophobia.

Pandor believes that this is an innovative way to fight a challenge which is facing South Africa.

She has praised the inventiveness and committed support of young people to fight this challenge and believes that the application is an accessible way for everyone to join the fight against xenophobia.

The first version of the application can be accessed through any device capable of Internet connection – such as. PCs, laptops, tablets, cellphones – by visiting

The app will be available through Android, Apple and Windows stores within the next five days.