Maimane’s wife stands firm amid DA sex scandal rumours

The wife of DA parliamentary leader, Mmusi Maimane has taken to social media to support her husband amid rumours of a sex scandal within the party.

In a tweet from her account, she called her husband “the real deal”.

An e-mail penned under the name “Tom Jeffries” has been sent allegedly by a woman who says she is one of several colleagues used by men in the DA as “playthings”.

The email, according to its writer, is a warning to delegates to not put the wrong people in leadership.

“I am one such person and despite raising my concerns I was brushed aside by a system that protects men that use their power to get away with the worst misogyny against women,” it reads, before accusing a host of prominent DA MPs and office bearers of extra-marital affairs.

Mmusi Maimane, his contender, James Wilmot as well Athol Trollip, who is running for federal chairmanship, on Saturday collectively rejected allegations of a culture of crude sexual harassment within the party.