Dan Roodt: Open letter to Nigel Farage from a disappointed South African

Dear Mr. Farage,

We here in South Africa, locked into an undemocratic system of ethnic majority tyranny whereby 90% of taxpayers have no say in government, have watched your rise to prominence in the United Kingdom with interest and even sympathy. Could you save your country from British Marxism, the ideology that has ruined us? For behind the incongruous handover of Pretoria to the ANC and South African Communist Party was a small band of ruthless British Marxists that did not balk at terrorism, such as the Church Street bomb in Pretoria that killed 19 and injured 200. The revolution in 1994 did not end our travails, as we are still targeted by criminal “freedom fighters” torturing our farmers to death and attacking us in the cities. Even children and babes die in these ongoing atrocities.

roodt_fbfotoNot long ago I made contact with your candidate for West Lancashire, Mr. Jack Sen, who pledged to help communicate to the United Kingdom and the world at large our plight as victims of violence and radicalism; various forms of nationalisation, confiscation of land and the exclusion of the white minority from corporate and public-sector jobs are fast bringing South Africa to her knees. But here at last was Mr. Sen, an Englishman who took an interest in our country, not to terrorise us, nor to pour calumny onto us as your left-wing media are wont to do, but to save us from a Zimbabwean-style catastrophe or worse.

In a world without friends, we thought we had found a friend who also happened to be a UKIP candidate. What a blessing! Imagine then my astonishment in reading the news that he had been suspended for expressing an opinion on us, the beleaguered Western minority in South Africa. Was it anything radical, tantamount to hate speech? No, he simply stated during an online interview:

“The minority South African, and Afrikaner in particular, is an endangered species in my estimation.”

Compared to the political invective flying shrapnel-like in both traditional and online media, this must be seen as a very mild statement, also given the gravity of the situation in South Africa.

In his dystopian prophecies, Orwell foresaw an England where the truth itself would become prohibited and where an all-powerful brainwashing dictatorship would reign supreme. If a party like UKIP, supposedly conservative and euroskeptic, may censure and reject a candidate for such an utterance that is almost a euphemism, is there any freedom of speech left?

The accusation that Mr. Sen is “anti-Semitic” on account of a single tweet in which he referred to the Labour candidate, Ms. Luciana Berger, as “Britain’s youngest Jewish MP” is equally spurious. If I had to quote Sigmund Freud describing himself as a “godless Jew” would that make me an anti-Semite too?

Just this morning I was on a Jewish radio station here in Johannesburg, freely discussing South Africa’s ethnic problems. The station head told me that radical and communist Jews in the South African Communist Party were almost excommunicated by their own community in the 1960s, colluding as they were against our country with the ex-Soviet Union, East Germany, Vietnam and other countries.

Issues of race, ethnicity and identity always make us uncomfortable, but that is not reason enough to avoid them. I would say the Labour leader, Mr. Ed Miliband, has put them in the forefront of his campaign video:

He specifically introduces his radical and Marxist father, Ralph Miliband, describing him as “a refugee… fleeing the Nazis”. So Mr. Miliband is free to refer to past ethnic persecution but if Mr. Jack Sen mentions how the white minority is currently persecuted in South Africa, he gets the cold shoulder from his own party!

Perhaps Mr. Ralph Miliband did not hate Britain, as the Daily Mail has alleged. And in this sense Mr. Jack Sen was simply echoing some of the Mail’s misgivings. But all the Milibands certainly hated South Africa and the anti-communism we stood for in the past. Which is why Ralph Miliband and other British Marxists were members of the cabal that plotted urban terror against us. Miliband Sr. was a bosom friend of Joe Slovo who masterminded the odious terror campaign against white and black civilians in our country. However, thousands of Polish and Czech refugees found South Africa to be a safe haven when they had to flee communist persecution in their own lands, and love us for it to this day.

British betrayal of both Rhodesia and South Africa caused the downfall of both our countries, with the rise of radicalism, xenophobia, black racial nationalism and, of course, Marxism. Not Russian or German or Chinese Marxism but British Marxism, the kind propagated by Miliband Sr. and diffused through South Africa’s English-language universities where I was forced as an undergraduate to study a book called The State in Capitalist Society by the illustruous father of the Labour leader.

Therefore, many of the South Africans living in Britain now are refugees too, both in an economic and in an ethnic sense. They are fleeing the violence here, as well as the blatant racial discrimination in the name of an absurd affirmative action for the majority in power. Traditionally conservative, Christian and law-abiding, our people will certainly not vote Labour and their sympathies lie with UKIP, the Tories or even the BNP.

Your party has not only rejected Mr. Jack Sen, but also the hundreds of thousands of South African voters in Britain, which may or may not include their friends and relatives who are certainly aware of the deteriorating and unjust conditions here.

I doubt whether any radical-chic, would-be British-Marxist terrorist waging a war against “bourgeois” Western culture has been swayed to vote UKIP by your hamfisted attempt at political correctness. But you must have lost at least ten thousand Southern African votes or even more British votes from those ordinary people who are sick of being browbeaten by the hysterical Left and their clamour of “racism”.

I would urge every British voter to make the right choice and vote for a candidate and a party that will not kowtow to political correctness and that does not flee from the truth, however unpalatable it may be.

If there is such a thing as the decline of the West, the hopes of many for you to lead some kind of renewal, even if only in Britain, have been severely dashed.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Dan Roodt
Author and activist for the South African minority

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  • Martin

    Thanks Dr. Dan, however be sure that your efforts are wasted on these scumbags.

  • Carl Wessa

    Excellent! but I agree with Martin. One cannot appeal againt PCness. It’s a scourge that devours common sense.

  • Caspar Schutte

    Maybe somewhere there will hopefully be someone with influence who recognize the truth for what it really is. And help blow the trumpet for some moral support. It will really help if the nations who so eagerly implement the sanctions in the 70’s until the betrayal date of 27th April 1994 on South Africa, once again start sanctioned this regime or “demoncrazy” circus in all respects. May GOD help us with this.

  • Giacomo Vallone

    UKIP repulses me. They have betrayed us once again. By suspending their parliamentary candidate over what amounts to at worst an off colour remark, they’ve proven they are not worthy of our vote. Ill be voting Tory now for sure

  • Jason Jackman

    This is a nonsense piece full of misinformation.

    • Hugh Woatmeigh

      Would you mind pointing out where the supposed misinformation is?

      • Natasha Alexandra

        I just schooled the plant

    • Natasha Alexandra

      It was mainly for his comments on South Africa and listing the names of the ppl that were involved.
      Besides the tweets you posted were not even remotely anti anything. It is perfectly fair to criticise a Labour MP who has divided loyalties- 1. she was parachuted in from London 2. she sits on several Israeli think tanks 3. She solicits aid to Israel FOREIGN LOYALTIES
      Read this article idiot. Is Buzzfeed lying?
      UKIP Candidate Suspended After Saying South Africa Is Being “Ethnically Cleansed” Of Europeans
      Jack Sen, UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, has claimed that other governments have ignored “the ethnic cleansing” of people of European descent in South Africa.

    • Natasha Alexandra

      And lastly “Britain’s youngest Jewish MP, Luciana Berger, is facing criticism over her record of….” loyalties.” IS A QUOTE FROM WIKPEDIA which had quotes around it in the tweet. do your homework next time you cretin. Someone that spends hours dissecting something youd think might have noticed the quotations and done a quick search! fool!!!

  • Jason Jackman
    • Natasha Alexandra

      Actually you are right and wrong. It was mainly for his comments on South Africa.
      Read this article idiot
      UKIP Candidate Suspended After Saying South Africa Is Being “Ethnically Cleansed” Of Europeans
      Jack Sen, UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire, has claimed that other governments have ignored “the ethnic cleansing” of people of European descent in South Africa.

    • Natasha Alexandra

      And lastly “Britain’s youngest Jewish MP, Luciana Berger, is facing criticism over her record of….” loyalties.” IS A QUOTE FROM WIKPEDIA which had quotes around it in the tweet. do your homework next time you cretin. Someone that spends hours dissecting something youd think might have noticed the quotations and done a quick search! fool!!!..

  • Stuart Ben Smith

    I understand your feeling on Sen, one of my Tweets said, Oh now UKIP scared of the truth, MOST people agree with Sen, the problem is coming up to an election, Political Correctness disease,

    What I have a problem with in the continuing and increasing murders in S.A. is why so many people arn not armed to combat the situation, Back in 1977 when I was first in SA & Rhodesia, I carried a revolver, no problem at all.

  • AWB

    UKIP is the Castle Lite version of BNP.

  • Bossebuss

    (I am from Sweden and an “ethnic” Swede) I wonder – how many Afrikaans are there in South Africa? Compared with the black majority?

    In Sweden is nowadays, to belonging to the white Swedish majority subject for a scandalous social discrimination compared to the increasing numbers of immigrant’s and asylum seekers from different
    parts of Africa and other parts of Middle East. They come from Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan to Sweden and all most all of the boat refugees that are crossing the Mediterranean See to Italy, has there compasses aimed to Sweden or to Germany.

    Sweden is more than ten years back receiving both by numbers and per capita the biggest numbers of refugees in Europe!

    In Sweden is it taboo to discuss the problems with the immigration. All newly arrived are intentional called “refugees” in spite we all know that they are economical and social welfare refugees. We are not allowed to take fore example in our mouth words as “negro” and “gipsy”. But “black” and “Romany” is ok. All problems with the immigrants – and we have a lot of them – are called “challenges”, not problems.

    Sweden is a country with only 9,5 million inhabitants with around 3,5 million working tax payers. We have approximately half a million unemployed among the Swedes and we are receiving more than 2500 new, uneducated asylum seekers EVERY WEEK!! Approximately 200 000 – 250 000 per year, and rising! And more than 95 % of these are getting permanent visas, with lifelong social support, with free housing, free schools for their children, free medical and dental care, free medicine and also – first choice of all free available jobs – BEFORE THE SWEDES – in spite the newly arrived are to 97 % whit out suitable education or working skills for getting a job in a modern high tech developed Sweden and they are also without passports or other id-documents when they arrive at our borders.


    So we Swedes can understand what the minority of whites in South Africa are subject for. Within a few years it wills happen even here in this Northern Country what is happening in South Africa with the white Afrikaans. It is terrifying! Swedes are obviously discriminated by their own government and mass media.

    The Swedish government is planning since more than 25 years ago, to change out, to purge the white Swedes to a multicultural, colored country whit all kinds of ethnicities, culture, habits, religions (preferably Muslims) and with about 160 different languages who all need help with skilled interpreters, because no demands to learn Swedish or to support theme self are required – and the newly arrived knows it.

    • Ross

      I started learning Swedish a few months ago as I find it very beautiful and musical language. Imagine how happy I was when I discovered that a Swedish family moved into the apartment next to mine here in Johannesburg. The husband works for a Swedish company in South Africa. Before he was in another African country. I tried to greet them in their language, but the man quickly told me in English that I was wasting my time. Perhaps it was my pronunciation? He said however anybody learning Swedish is stupid because it’s such a small language and nobody wants to speak it!? I found that a very strange attitude. I also speak German and Portuguese as second languages and in both those languages the speakers were very kind to me and happy to know that I value their culture to make an effort.

      • FR2P

        You must be white. I’m sure they would love a black person as neighbour. The Scandinavians in SA think they must make black friends for business.

        • Ross

          Yes I am! Something else that I notice is that the Swedes always activate the alarm on their SUV even when they lock it in the garage and forget to deactivate it when they leave, so they constantly wake up everybody in the neighbourhood! They obviously don’t trust the blacks, but pretend to like them.

          • Helizna Kilian

            Just like all liberals, lol!

      • Bossebuss

        Thank you my friend! I am sorry for your sake that you
        probably got, as we called them here in Sweden a “political correct”
        person as your family next door. Ordinary Swedes don´t have the means or the
        education to get a job so far away from Sweden as South Africa.

        I have also heard that the Swedish language is a so
        “small language and nobody wants to speak it”!

        Nonsense! In my opinion – and I have only eight years of school behind me – we have to defend our Swedish culture because no one else does it for us, not to day and not for a few decades back. Today is only multi culture the most important issue for our Swedish politicians and the left wing mass media and also Public Service (radio and TV).

        What the Swedes in general are saying or demanding, no one whit responsibility in this country bothers. The only rights we have today is, that every fourth year we are entitled to a few minutes when we are putting our votes in the box – on lying or scrupulous politicians – and after that the new government does, or runs its own “political race”, not bothering about what the voters wanted or what the politicians promised us.

        This is The “Democratic Super Power of Sweden“ to day!! The last state minster, Fredrik Reinfeldt (moderate), said a few days before the election in September last year, that “all
        Swedish resources have to go to receiving refugees” and he demanded that “all of us must open our hearts” to do so – he maenad our wallets!! And that is what is also happening, even with the now new socialist government more and more of our resources are used to finance the cost for the immigration policy.

        There is nothing so important than receiving “refugees” to our country, they say! All other things for the government are of secondary importance, and to see to that these newly arrived “refuges” gets full access to our tax financed welfare systems, systems that we, our parents and grandparents and grandparents parents have, by hard work and sacrifices’ built up thru generations just for us.

        • Ross

          It’s really very sad, because such people are talented people, but so brain washed. Sweden has a great history and all white people look up to you and admire you for that. By bringing in those thousands of immigrants that couldn’t even run their own countries, Sweden is importing a huge problem for their next generations. Look at what is happening in Baltimore! Ethnically diverse countries never work in the end, because the cost is just too great. I think it will be difficult for Swedish companies in Africa soon because Africans are tribal and Swedes do not see this, because they do not to be “tribal” or “nasionalistic”. They think it’s only black and white. I do some translation work for international companies and some are already starting to understand this problem. In SA it’s Zulu versus the rest, in Zim it’s Shona versus the “Kalanga”, as Mugabe has just insulted them, calling them criminals. The attacks on foreigners will not stop. It’s been going on forever but it’s just not always in the news.

          • Bossebuss

            Thank you Ross! I agree with every word you said. It is nice to change ideas with you. In Sweden you must be careful to do like that. Myself, I lost my job for a few years ago, only because I tried to spread facts, pure facts, not ideas like this among my countrymen and I did that in a local newspaper – under my own name. I should not have done that!

            The reason to my “expulsion” was, that “I didn´t shared my employers way of hinking” and his “values of political ideas”, and “I didn´t respected all human rights” – by pointing out that all humans in the third world shall not be allowed to settle down in Sweden on the few Swedes account, without possibility or demand from our government, to support them self and only by living on our well fair systems the rest of there lives. That is what happening now, since more than 20 years back.

            I am not alone today that have lost my job because of this “political correctness” that is “spreading like AIDS and HIV” in this country. I am worried and sorry for my children, my grand children and what they are facing in the future. The only way to find some comfort for me is that I know that I can say to myself: “I have done whatever I could and what other could have expected from me”.

            I lost my job and I was even excluded from my civil service profession! I lost my membership at my Labor Union and exposed for other exclusions from membership in our common Swedish society. But today – I am not alone!

            We have lost our country to irresponsible politicians and the same goes for the European Union whit its 27 other member states.

            What is wrong with the world??

          • Bossebuss

            Thank you, Dan Roth for your very fulfilling description
            of the situation I South Africa. I can understand how difficult and dangerous
            it must be to be a white non black African in your country. I have heard about it
            before, I have read about it here in Sweden in a “none accepted”, “none
            political correct” news media, for instance the weekly newspaper “Nya Tider” (The
            New Times). I have read articles by Sanna Hill who was visiting South Africa a
            year ago and she described the dangerous situation vividly, especially for de
            white farmers. It was frightening for us to read.

            Is this what we are going to expect here in Sweden too? Probably? You see the stream of black unskilled, unemployable and illiterate North Africans who are coming over the Mediterranean See to Italy are increasing for every week. Almost every one of them are pointing there compasses toward Sweden and also Germany. But a majority of them are seeking Sweden as their target for their immigration, because we have the most generous, undemanding, complete covered social welfare systems of all countries in Europe.

            But it was only meant for the Swedes who have financed it and by their own
            hands built it up by paying one of the world’s highest taxes. Now our politicians,
            our government are giving it away to everyone that arrives to our borders and
            claims that they are “refugee fleeing from war and prosecution”. No control what so ever of these newly arrived so called refugees! Not what so ever! That is an “insult” to do so, according to the political correct minority in this country and mass media.

            Okay, it does not look good for Sweden and we cannot see any changes of the course in the policies. With all might the government, in
            spite it is a labor- ore conservative government, are trying to enforce the multicultural immigration policies on the Swedish people. It looks more and more like what they were doing in the Communist countries – all who are against what the government are doing or was deciding are considered mentally sick and hit by “xenophobia”, so that no one shall bother about what such people are saying or informing others about, even if it is full of well documented facts and statistics.

            If that is not enough the person will lose its job or other socially, economic
            discriminating or expulsions like actions from the Swedish sociality. A very common way of doing that is to accuse the person to be a racist. So mow you know – I am a racist! But I am only a white male that have fulfilled my military service to protect the country whit my life. I have worjed, paid my taxes and other social fees under little more than 40 years of hard work. I have being loyal to and proud of my country and for that – what am I getting? I am getting a punch on my nose, a foot in my arse
            and a discriminating classification as a racist. And I am not alone in Sweden become this title.

    • There are between 2 and 3 million Afrikaners in South Africa. You can probably add another million or so bilingual English-speakers to that number as they have a very similar identity to ours, despite having English as a home language.

      Our economy is bigger than that of Sweden, with the white minority here playing a huge role in keeping the system going, creating jobs and preventing the complete breakdown of the state and public companies. Yet we get blamed for the mistakes of others!

      I also find it tragic that Sweden should knowingly create a huge ethnic problem in your own country. In our case, we are geographically tied to Africa, which is mostly a third-world continent, but you are there in the distant north with no immediate geographical tie to Africa or the Middle East!

      I briefly visited Sweden in 2010 and have been following your politics with keen interest since. The rise of the Swedish Democrats is encouraging, but it may be “too little, too late” as the other parties will try to keep them out of government while they bring in more and more immigrants.

      I think there is now a world-wide pro-Western movement and we must try to work together to spread our ideas and convince people not to surrender to political correctness and multiculturalism, which is really just the old Marxism in another guise.

      Over here the situation is the most acute as we live in a very dangerous society with lots of physical attacks on us every day by marauding bandits. Here are two examples of the kind of atrocities that take place here and that are mostly ignored by the world media. In fact, Google also once asked us to remove these articles from our website as they “violate their terms and conditions” even though they simply describe real events in South Africa.



    • Betzie van Rensburg

      You are obviously also subjected to forced suicide . We know the feeling too .

    • Engelsman

      Thank you, Sweden, for supporting Black Communist terrorists in Rhodesia, South West Africa / Namibia and Soutb Africa against your fellow whites of Celtic-Germanic-Nordic descent. The Swedes always made sure that the terrorists were well fed and had sufficient medicines to kill and rape the White nuns in Africa. Now your chickens have come home to roost. Karma is a bitch. Enjoy the Black majority rule that you forced on us. Schadenfreude.

  • I voted UKIP yesterday. It’s not perfect, I would prefer UKIP to be more nationalist, identitarian and protectionist in the mould of France’s Front National. But UKIP is the only viable party for anti-EU/anti-immigration voters. Fully agree with Dan Roodt that pandering to political correctness won’t make brainwashed PC lefties or “minorities” (soon to be majorities) vote for UKIP.