Joburg building fire probed

An investigation has been launched into a fire that broke out at an abandoned building in the Johannesburg CBD on Tuesday night.

Three floors were destroyed by the blaze that started just after 4pm. The cause of the blaze is not yet known and no casualties have been reported.

Johannesburg Emergency Services spokesperson Nana Radebe says there are making sure the fire does not reignite.

“The fire has been contained successfully, at the moment we are just finishing dumping down just to ensure the fire does not reignite.

We also had firefighters making rounds to make sure no one was laying there unnoticed,” says Radebe.

It took three hours for firefighterts to put out the blaze.

Scores of homeless blacks occupy the building.

Despite fire officials declaring the building a danger zone, homeless blacks insist they will continue to stay and sleep in the building. They say they will go back because they do not have another home and have lived there for the past decade.