English-speaker wants an Afrikaner volkstaat too

Dear Dan Roodt,

I am a Canadian who married a Boere Meisie. I have three Afrikaans-speaking children. I read your Volkstaat article from 2010: “Volkstaat is inevitable (sorry to the naysayers)”.

The gap that the White South Africans live in where they can still live a decent life and get employment and enjoy their culture and walk safely down the road is narrowing every year. I was working at a company that employed nearly 1000 staff and I was in HR department when we received a notification of the new increased BEE quotas. The new quota meant we would have to lay off a couple of hundred white workers. A great way to go out of business – get rid of your loyal and experienced staff members (and yes – we went out of business a year later). I did a stint at Eskom and that was BEE+++++. You felt like an alien working there if you are White. They were not allowed to give me a full-time job due to the colour of my skin even though my managers endorsed me highly! So where do all these laid-off whites go?

Then the government tries to step by step erode the Afrikaans culture. I will never forget Thabo Mbeki’s speech a few years ago where he said the Afrikaner White is no different to an English White. As if a culture of 350 years had no significance. Increasingly there is more pressure for Afrikaans schools to move to English.

Place names change, statues removed, disarming decent citizens, increasingly racist politicians and openly racist Black citizens, massive crime, etc. I am a foreigner who had nothing to do with Apartheid and yet when I shop, or eat at my canteen I see Black workers being friendly to Black customers and then they serve a White and then become unfriendly. At my work canteen I often get given a small serving and see all the Blacks in the same line getting large servings. I get treated poorly by most Black service industry workers. My municipality charged me R120,000 for one month’s electricity and I was told by the meter reader that my municipality will never fix a White man’s account.

When the gap gets too narrow then the Whites will have to form a Volkstaat. The sad thing is that this may end up happening amid total chaos and civil war. Five million persecuted people can do a lot of damage. I remember the World War II footage where they noted how the Europeans pulled together in times of extreme hardship. We don’t just die or jump into the ocean as seems to be the expectation.

It was interesting to see the amount of support that Steve Hofmeyr received recently. Couple of hundred thousand supporters. Its not 5 million supporters yet for White figureheads. But the 200 thousand will grow as things get worse. Obviously it’s easy to pretend there isn’t a problem while you have your decent house, drive down your safe highway to your reasonable job. Its easy to criticise people like Steve and yourself while people still live in the gap. In the last 2 years, I have had two attempted car jackings, my brother-in-law and his wife and toddler were tied up and were lucky not to be shot by military-weapon=toting criminals (got interrupted when about to shoot), my wife was robbed at an ATM, our Church Pastor’s son was stabbed, etc.

Slow erosion of culture is a clever tactic. Let the old school ex-army/police die of old age. Change things slowly so the change creeps up on people. But I am seeing new Black political and union forces getting impatient. Afrikaner culture just won’t die quick enough for them. It must really upset them to see the growth of the Afrikaans music culture and the persistence of the White-dominated Springbok rugby team and the support structures amongst families and friends that prevent Whites from sinking into poverty when BEE’ed out of the employment market and the large number of Whites returning from overseas now that the global economy is in trouble, etc. Malema’s call for taking all White-owned farms just won’t go away. They seem to be more and more in a rush to grab their share regardless of the cost to the economy.

I can’t wait to see the change in the Whites’ attitude when one of these big changes hits them hard and fast. When the gap gets too narrow too quick.

I agree with you that a Volkstaat should be centered on an Afrikaner culture. I would gladly shift to your language. I have travelled the world and have a love for the Afrikaner culture since for me it stood out as being vibrant and strong and non-Americanised.

See you at the border of the Volkstaat.


Tim Edmundson