‘Cultural Marxism has ruined the UK and South Africa’: interview with Jack Sen, suspended UKIP candidate

In this interview conducted with Jack Sen, the suspended UKIP candidate for West Lancashire, he speaks freely of his opposition to third-world immigration to Britain, the disastrous effects of cultural Marxism on the West and his sympathy for white or “minority South Africans”.

Please tell us about yourself, and why you have an interest in South Africa and specifically Afrikaners, and other minorities?

I was born in Britain, but have an ancestral link to South Africa on my paternal side. My grandmother who hailed from the Western Cape was of Afrikaans origin. She immigrated to Britain with my granddad, who was a South African of Anglo-Indian origin, in the years leading up to World War II. My granddad worked as a medic in the British Army, later as a chemist on a sugar plantation in Natal, and upon their move to England they made a life for themselves in West Lancashire – where I am currently standing for Parliament.

South Africa will always hold a special place in my heart for me – not solely due to my ancestral ties, the family braais and holiday malva puddings – but also because it is a place that has been deserted, vilified and condemned to misery by the western Marxist powers. It is unfairly seen as the last vestige of colonialism, and for that reviled by Western Liberals.

As a champion of truth and someone that genuinely cares about humanity, and in particular children, I can think of no better place to spend one’s efforts on than assisting the people of South Africa. My contempt for hypocritical Western Liberals – the actual people responsible for the rape of tens of thousands of girls in your nation – has a lot to do with it as well.

Can you please tell our readers what UKIP is, and how they can help with the current situation in South Africa?

UKIP stands for the United Kingdom Independence Party. I’m UKIP’s prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire.

Most of your readers will know of our charismatic leader, Nigel Farage, who up until yesterday when he vilified me in the press, I supported with every fibre of my being.

I had seriously high hopes for UKIP on so many levels. From the direction UKIP planned on taking the nation, to my party’s refusal to fall victim to political correctness: UKIP had so much genuine promise. That’s why it pains me not to be able to tell you more about UKIP’s policies. I no longer know if I even believe in the party. They, like every other mainstream party, are in the back pockets of special and corporate interest.

Besides, the message they sent South Africa, by suspending me for my comments on minority genocide in your nation, and the internationalists in your nation behind your downfall, suggests UKIP are no different than the Lib/Lab/Con regime ruining our nation.

If not through UKIP, how would you suggest these affected minorities in South Africa, and their British allies in modern Britain help each other?

I believe Britain can assist minority South Africans with ties to our country in two ways: firstly by completely overhauling our immigration policy and implementing an Australian-styled points-based immigration system, which gives preference to culturally and ethnically (when possible) compatible people of the Commonwealth that speak our language. Britain will benefit from good immigration that fills skills voids, and South Africans will be able to move to a country that’s relatively safe.

Sadly, currently we reject the vast majority of minority South Africans applying for entry into Britain, in spite of the fact they speak our language, have the means to take care of themselves upon their arrival, and have the skills we need. Why? Because we have no room left in our country due to the fact that we have uncontrolled immigration from the new EU nations of the former Soviet Union and are being literally invaded by African and Asian migrants that don’t believe they should have to apply for a visa to enter our lands.

Leaving the EU and telling Brussels to sod off will help us sort that. But I also believe we have a moral obligation to help our brothers and sisters in South Africa – people that are facing what amounts to genocide. We do in fact share some of the blame for the current situation in SA. It was in fact the meddling of our government and media that allowed the Marxist ANC regime to seize control of the nation. Britain is also sadly responsible for the debacle in Zimbabwe and Uganda, where thousands of white and Indian British subjects were left to rot when we decided we no longer wanted to play empire.

Where do you see Britain and South Africa heading in the next 10 years if there is no change away from cultural Marxism sweeping most Western countries?

For complete ruin. South Africa is the template for what will happen to the West if we allow Western European nations to be overrun by people from non-Western nations. And before people shout racism, I can quite confidently say that this for me is not a race issue, as the people of the former Soviet Union, whom I strongly object to migrating here, are often phenotypically lighter-skinned than I am. This is also a cultural issue.

The Left are bent on our destruction, and the quote “Conservative Right” are fine with it as long as they stay rich during our descent. From embracing the anti-Western ideals of Islam, to promoting the teaching and normalisation of sexual deviance at the expense of our children and families, to deliberately pitting ethnicity against ethnicity, women against men, the ideological Left and internationalists on both sides of the political spectrum, ruining our nations, have all but succeeded in destroying us from the inside.

The media have a lot to answer for in biased reporting, in order to keep their leftwing status quo in power. Do you think this will last, and are people waking up to how they are being duped?

Sadly, that’s the nature of the people behind the media. As I am sure you and your readers are well aware, the media controlling how we view the world and our own societies, are typically controlled by people with an innate hatred for the countries in which they live. They are driven by their contempt for Western civilisation, as well as a lust for power, control and money. It’s a pretty diabolical cocktail of hate we are being forced to drink.

People are slowly waking up, however it is only because of alternative media sources like yours, the Occidental Observer, even hardliners like the European Knights Project, that they have discovered we are being led off a cliff.

Would you say we really won the “Cold War” against Communism, or is there a resurgence as these sidelined Marxist, Socialist groups are combining efforts to be a worldwide power once again?

We have most certainly lost the war against Marxism. The fact that we see our laws penned in Brussels (European Union) by men and women with ties to Marxist movements, and men like Ed Miliband – who, quite frighteningly, is literally one week away from possibly running our country – tells me we most certainly have lost.

Although economic Marxism failed miserably in western nations, Marxism translated into cultural terms – commonly referred to as Cultural Marxism, something devised by the miscreants at Frankfurt am Main in pre-WWII Germany – have achieved more success than Max Horkeimer, Lukács, Gramsci and Adorno could have ever envisioned. The fact we cannot criticise these people without being called anti-Semitic should tell you how under their thumbs we really are.

How would you compare the current state of South Africa, with that of Great Britain? And what needs to be done to change this?

There is actually a scary parallel when one looks at Britain’s and South Africa’s decline. Look at the epidemic of grooming gangs in Britain and the rape epidemic we currently see in SA.

Both sets of perpetrators are part of a protected class of people that one cannot criticise for fear of being racist.

So-called civil rights activists, feminists and liberals ruining our lands, claim one of their primary objectives is combating violence against women, rape and misogyny.

Yet, in spite of the tens of thousands of young girls that have been sexually molested by grooming gangs in Britain and across Western Europe, and the millions of rapes perpetrated against women and children in South Africa, nary a peep has come from feminists or any faction on the Liberal Left in your country or mine.

No condemnation, outrage, not one drop of concern for the innocent lives that were sacrificed for political correctness.

Leftists have been mute on Rotherham, as they have been in South Africa, as exposing rape perpetrated by “members of society’s oppressed”, doesn’t quite fit their Marxist narrative.

Until we deal with the ideologues facilitating our downfall, nothing can change.

The only difference is ethnically Western European people are still in the majority in Britain, whereas they are in the minority in South Africa.

What can be done to change this?

Apart from stringing them all up, not much, sadly.