EU wants military intervention to curb migration

The European Union’s (EU) Chief Diplomat, Frederica Mogherini briefed the United Nations Security Council on migrants.

The EU is considering a draft resolution that would authorise EU military intervention to curb the illicit trafficking of persons that has already cost almost 2000 lives lost at sea this year alone.

The EU indicated its first priority was to prevent further loss of lives as sea.

As the Security Council mulls the parameters of military intervention off the coast of Libya in the Mediterranean, concerns about what will happen to migrants found in illegal boats.

Chaos in Libya, which has two opposing governments and various armed militias in the country, has allowed organised networks a foothold to traffic persons off its coast.

The country’s internationally recognised government has objected to the EU proposals which include ‘the use of all necessary means to seize and dispose’ of vessels used in trafficking.

Russia has also said such proposals might go too far as the shape the military action might take remains unclear.