Sparks backtracks furiously

Allister Sparks, notorious Boerhater, has apologised and blamed “senility” for his comments on Hendrik Verwoerd, in a bid not to push away more black DA voters.

Speaking at the DA congress in Port Elizabeth, he named apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd among “smart politicians” he had encountered in his 64 years as a journalist and analyst.

Yesterday, Sparks tried to cover his tracks: “In truth, Verwoerd and his policies appalled me.”

On the BDLive website , he explained the “context” of his senile remarks.

“I recognised that Verwoerd was a formidable figure. His dominance of his own party was total, to the extent that National Party MPs would hiss with outrage if any opposition MP ventured even a mild interjection. They hung on to his every word as he spelt out the details of his grand scheme of separating the races into ‘separate countries’.

“And he was clever, which is what I meant when I called him ‘smart’.”

Blacks took to social media to complain about Sparks’ vile racism, something the über-liberal Sparks hardly expected as he probably believed his own rants about “white racists” exonorated him from black criticism.