Charlize and a Newer World Order

A new world order of warrior earth-mothers?

Imperator Furiosa, Charlize Theron is the “strong woman” figure in the latest Mad Max reboot. Mad Max, Fury Road opened to a box office success, and is undeniably a feat of technical and choreographic brilliance, but there are also deeper messages being conveyed that should be elucidated, especially the notions of the commodification and control of resources.

All aspects of life are portrayed as a controlled resource market. Even sex, which is more recreational in our day, is here presented as a crucial means for the furtherance of bloodlines. Breeding and eugenics are key, as those in control understand a chemically lobotomized populace with no access to necessary resources are unable to continue into the future.

Fury Road is therefore a representation of a nominally Christian redemptive history, yet the outcome is inverted. Instead of a divine Savior who rescues man as the Promised Seed of the Woman (Gen. 3), Max is a purely human savior as Thunderdome portrayed. The seeds of life that will continue into the future do not rest on the “lie of hope,” but on fixing the present world through technology.

In essence, Fury Road is an alchemical presentation of the royal deception, rather than the royal art, where more often than not, in history we do find the polis co-opting religion for the purposes of human control.

The ultimate form of control is that of breeding, and determining whose seed will continue into the future, and through the new Max revolution with his feminine counterpart Furiosa, the implication is that by opposing the older patriarchal forms of power with their dialectical opposite, the “clans of the mothers,” hope can return.

Let’s be realistic here – if the older patriarchal forms of religion are lies, as the film’s narrative suggests, then we are to believe the introduction of a feminine, Gaia-based egalitarian communist order is somehow workable and real?

Is erecting a feminine-based order with the dismissal of Joe’s Golgotha plausible? Nothing is more absurd, nonsensical and mad.

Source: Jay’s analysis

  • Götterdammerung

    I’ll give anything featuring the Plastic Afrikaner a miss

    • JM

      Do you still consider her an Afrikaner? What about the little American blackie she adopted? He has a Boer surname.

  • JM

    Daniel Theron must be turning in his grave.

  • FR2P

    Charlize ‘I killed my Daddy’ Theron. No surprises here.

  • Rooikop

    Maybe its just me – I thought it was just a lot of endless drivel with these crazy people wasting fuel to get more. There was not enough substance in any of the Mad Max films that bound me to actually see the whole movie. With Tina Turner in Thunderdome – well that on its own made it a must miss.

  • Simone

    Now this beatch sold her soul to Satan, what a traitor to her own people she turned out to be! Real EVIL!!!