Texas bloodbath may be start of all-out gang war

Predictably, experts see the hand of the Hells Angels behind Sunday’s Waco bloodbath. They say the Angels have been encouraging the Cossacks to challenge the Bandidos’ control of Texas. On Sunday, the Cossacks were helped by another gang, the Scimitars.

US experts fear that this may well be the beginning of an all-out war between highly organized crime syndicates – with the potential of going global.

The massacre in Waco had all the signs of a proxy war. It basically pitted the Bandidos against the Cossacks. But the latter group is supported by the Hells Angels, a biker gang with branches in Europe, Canada and Australia, and the archenemy of the Bandidos.

The real war will likely be fought between these two organizations. Control of Texas might be the immediate spoils, but the world might see other battlegrounds, as well.

The shootout in Waco was just the latest clash in a long history of rivalry. The Bandidos are generally considered the world’s second-largest biker gang, behind the popularly better known Hells Angels, with as many as 2500 members in 13 countries, according to the US authorities.

The Hells Angels were founded in 1948 in California and entertain more than 400 chapters in 50 countries, according to the organization’s own count.

Other gangs are the Outlaws, the Pagans, the Warlocks and the Mongols.

The Bandidos began in 1966 in Texas, almost 20 years after the Hells Angels, but the two gangs soon became bitter rivals. Named in honor of the Mexican bandits who refused to live by anyone’s rules but their own, the Bandidos began recruiting their first members out of biker bars in various Texan cities.

The Mongols have a big Lebanese Muslim contingent in Germany and the Middle East, too.

Looking at mugshots from Texas, some may think that these are “white” bikers and some of the Mongols are. Some even display the double lightning bolt tattoos, Nazi insignia based on runes.

But there is a tremendous amount of anti-white racism present. Although Hispanics do not frown upon white Norman Spanish, they avidly support racial mixing.

These mixed-race gangs fight against the white power gangs in the US and in Europe. Naked hatred based on “cultural differences”, actually racial differences, are pretty big deals for these gangs.

By the time the carnage was over, bodies were scattered across the tarmac in what one witness described as a war zone. Nine bikers were dead and 18 wounded, some critically. Police surrounded the rest and arrested 170, who face organised-crime charges.

There were claims on Monday night that one gang was ambushed by the other to settle a turf war over who becomes the king of the roads in Texas.

As local police braced themselves on Tuesday for more bloodshed, anti-white sentiments were gaining with policemen calling white gangs “domestic terrorists”.

In a memo dated May 1, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) cautioned authorities about increasing violence between the Bandidos and the Cossacks, Dallas TV station WFAA reported.

The DPS Joint Information Center bulletin said the tension could stem from Cossacks refusing to pay Bandidos dues for operating in Texas and for wearing a patch on their vest that claimed Texas as their turf without the Bandidos’ approval.