SA mining safety lagging behind

The National Union of Mine Workers (NUM) says the country’s mining sector is still far lagging behind in implementing the required health and safety measures.

The union concedes that, although strides are being made by mining houses to improve safety, some mining companies are still prioritising profit over the Health and Safety of miners.

These safety concerns are expected to be on top of the agenda when the Union commemorates the death of over a hundred mine-workers at Vaal Reefs Mine twenty years ago.

They died when a locomotive fell into a shaft, landing on a cage in the mine at Orkney in the North West in May 1995.

NUM’s national spokesperson, Livhuwani Mammburu says there are still sporadic incidents: “We think that there must be a space for a free environment, and as the NUM we don’t think there is. We think that recent incidents in the mining sector highlights yet another gap that we have in terms of health and safety.”