Jordanians support ISIS

In a recent survey conducted by, the website for the Al Jazeera Arabic television channel, respondents overwhelmingly support the Islamic State, with 81% voting “YES” on whether they approved of ISIS’s conquests in the region.

The poll, which asked in Arabic, “Do you support the organizing victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)?” has generated over 38,000 responses thus far, with only 19% of respondents voting “NO” to supporting ISIS.

ISIS pose a direct threat to the “entire civilised world”, the Queen of Jordan has declared, as she urged Muslims around the world to rise up against the group.

She urged people to ignore the “clash of civilizations”. Queen Rania said the war against ISIS must happen with the support of Britain and other allies in the Western world.

She spoke to leftist journalists earlier and said that ISIS threatened the One World ideology because it was “medieval”. She said all “modern” people should unite against the scourge.

Even as Jordan launched intense airstrikes against the Islamic State to avenge the extremist group for burning to death a captured Jordanian fighter pilot, the militants enjoy large support in the kingdom.