Schumi’s wife sells off his belongings

Michael Schumacher’s wife Corinna Betsch seems to be accepting the fact that her husband likely never will be the same.

The legendary Formula One driver remains paralyzed and unable to speak after a devastating ski accident in December 2013.

Now, Betsch has sold Schumacher’s private jet and Norwegian vacation home. Betsch has taken over the family’s finances, according to German magazine Bunte, adding “when it became clear that the old Schumi perhaps never would return, Corinna had to accept her new life. She had to act.”

Betsch has been running Schumacher’s multimillion-dollar business, also. The jet sold for $39 million, per the Mirror. Betsch also reportedly is considering selling the family’s chalet in the French Alps, where Schumacher’s accident occurred.

Bunte recently reported: “She took over the job, and the power, of her husband as an act of succession. Corinna underwent a remarkable transformation – from his wife to the clan chief, a lady who trained as a sales clerk to the manager of a multi-millions company.”

She is now in charge of the Schumacher ‘imperium’ which continues to generate millions even while he remains dormant. She manages the finances, the bank accounts, business advisers, lawyers and personnel.

According to Bunte her new role grates on her father-in-law Rolf , who now lives in a house built into the grounds of the Gland mansion with his partner Barbara Stahl so he can be close to his son.

Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm has revealed that the German driver is ‘making progress’ as he continues on the long road to recovery following injuries sustained during a skiing accident in 2013.

The former Ferrari driver suffered severe injuries in the accident that had rendered him in a medical-induced coma for over six months. He has since made progress, but is still immobile and unable to speak.

Kehm insists that despite the severity of his injuries the seven-time World Champion is getting better, which will come as a boost to his family and the entire racing community.

“We are pleased to continue to say that he is making progress, and I say that always, given the severity of his head injuries,” Kehm said, as quoted by the Mirror.

Earlier doctors treating Formula 1 ace were forced to deny the seven-times world champion had died.

A spokesperson for the Grenoble hospital where the racing driver is being treated put out a statement saying: “The hospital denies that Michael Schumacher has died.”

The man arrested on suspicion of involvement in the theft and leaking of a medical file on Schumacher was found hanged in his cell when rumours about the champion’s passing away started circulating.

The man, whose identity was not disclosed, worked as an executive at a Swiss helicopter air rescue company, Rega, which organised the German sportsman’s transport from a French hospital to Switzerland in June, the Zurich prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

He was found hanged when officers came to bring him breakfast before a scheduled hearing before a judge.

Zurich police told AFP they had spotted no signs the man was mentally unstable or suicidal.

The former champion driver, a longtime Swiss resident, was brought by ambulance amid secrecy to a unit of the CHUV hospital in Lausanne.

But word soon got out that some of his medical records had been stolen and that the thief was attempting to sell them to different media.

French prosecutors tracked the IP address of the computer used in the theft of the medical records to Zurich-based Rega, the main operator of air ambulances in Switzerland.

The Zurich prosecutor’s office refused to reveal the man’s age, nationality or other identifying details. But spokeswoman Corinne Bouvard told AFP that he had been suspected of acting alone. In a statement the prosecution authority stressed that the man should be presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Source: NESN/The Mirror